Monday, February 23, 2015

How To Choose A Flattering Coat

Hey y'all! I hope you are staying warm and safe! Last week I shared 3 Tips on Staying Warm + Looking Cute. That outfit didn't have a coat as part of the ensemble and unfortunately sometimes coats are a necessity. Today I'd like to show how the length of a coat can make a big difference in how flattering or frumpy your outfit looks. 

The principle is a very standard one: definition. My mustard coat stops at my hip line, allowing the skirt's length to get it's full effect of making me look taller due to eyeline travel. The black coat stops much farther down, cutting me off at an awkward spot. 

In our family, coats were always the thing you invested in once every 4 years or if you grew out of your old one. I was usually tired of my coat by the end of the first season (and it was always black. boring.). Then, I realized you can find coats on sale or at thrift stores (Or ThredUP) and have a lot more fun with them. I got this mustard one for about $20, instead of investing $70 (on sale) like my mom did for the black one.

Does the black coat look terrible? No. But it certainly doesn't add anything to my overall appearance and I don't feel very put-together. 

I do like to keep two coat lengths, though. Right now I only have this mustard one because I haven't found the perfect long coat, but I'm on the look-out. ;) Another thing to look for is how the arms fit-- the slimmer the arms the slimmer you look! 

When to wear a "shorter" coat:

  • With long skirts
  • With tea-length skirts
  • With knee-length skirts
  • With certain jeans-and-tunic looks
  • With long dresses

When to wear a "longer" coat:

  • With knee-length skirts
  • With pants
  • With knee-length dresses

// outfit details //
Underneath shirt: Fresh Apparel Denim Company
Boots: Groupon: $35
Stud earrings: Groupon: $10

Definition is a simple concept, but one that makes a big difference. :) What's your coat look like? Is it longer or shorter? Do you like how it looks with your outfits? Have a great day!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

3 Tips For Staying Warm + Looking Cute

Hey y'all! We have had quite the week of weather here in middle Tennessee, with several inches of ice covering everything making driving near impossible. So thankful we still have power and internet! I know much of the US is experiencing pretty chilly temps right now, so I thought I'd share three tips for staying warm and looking cute, with this outfit as an example. No reason to look like a marshmallow if you don't have to! :)

Tip #1: Make Every Layer Count

Fabric is everything. We know clothing is warmer or cooler just based on it's fiber content, so go for one warmer layer instead of several cooler ones to minimize bulk and increase comfort. I love thermal shirts for wearing underneath cardigans and other shirts because they are just so much warmer than normal long sleeved cotton shirts. Likewise, fleece-lined leggings retain heat better than typical cotton leggings. Every layer underneath your outside article of clothing should be as tight as possible. Not only is this warmer (at least, in my experience), but it greatly reduces the look of bulk. 


Tip #2: Wear a Hoodie

This may sound strange, but it's seriously my favorite lots-of-layers tip. When you put several shirts on, sometimes around the neck and shoulders area can look odd. Whether it's because of slightly different necklines or just more bulk that makes you look puffy, wearing a hoodie can help camouflage that. I put my thermal Fresh Apparel hoodie on first, layer whatever I want, and then pull the hoodie to the outside. I feel like it just takes attention away from the zillion layers and also helps pull the look together. 

Tip #3: Remember Definition

Just because the temperature demands that every inch of you be wrapped up doesn't mean you need to forget you have a figure. Like during the rest of the year, look for ways to bring definition to your ensemble. For me, this usually means either shorter skirt with leggings that show and boots or a long skirt look that has a more defined hip/waist area. In the winter I like to wear slim-fitting clothing anyway (no circle skirts, etc) because of the mud and snow mess. 

// outfit details // 
Cardigan: Forever21
Skirt: Banana Republic : ThredUP
Leggings: GroopDealz
(Also available on, use code FRESHMODESTY10%OFF)
Boots: BearPaw : ThredUP

I was warmer in this outfit than my sister who was in jeans, a huge floppy hoodie, a coat, and Uggs! :D

What's the weather like where you live? What's your favorite way to stay warm but stylish? 

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Archives // Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey y'all! Since I don't know if I'll have a chance to grab outfit pictures today or not, I'm reposting my Valentine's Day outfit from 2013! 

You can read the original post HERE
This is totally still an outfit I would wear. I think the skirt finally gave out this past summer, but the boots and cardigan still get worn quite often. 

Today we had our traditional homemade coconut-raspberry chocolate donuts and heart-shaped bacon for breakfast. Our grandparents from Colorado arrived last night so we got to share it with them, which was special. :) 
I've been really focused this week on getting skirts hemmed, so that's why it's been a little quiet around here. ;) I think I've spent over 5 hours just organizing and measuring and moving around skirts this week. The logistics are somethin' else! :) I think I'm all set for whipping them out now, though, so that's really good. 

I obviously need to work on my hand hearts.
Cardigan: F21
Tank: F21
Skirt: Penny's
Socks: Target?
Boots: Stein Mart
Pearl set: Christmas gift
You can't tell, but I'm also wearing major glitter on my eyes. Yay for Valentine's Day and pink sparkles!

I hope you all have a wonderful happy Valentine's day! Love you all so. much. :) 
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Simple Saturday

Hey y'all! I just wanted to share the outfit that I'm wearing on this warm, sunny, gorgeous February Saturday afternoon. Is it a fabulous example of high-fashion, class, and/or thought-out mixing/matching? Nope, quite the opposite. 

You may have noticed that I've been doing fewer and fewer "outfit" posts lately. Why? Because in the midst of craziness, sickness, cold weather, and hard work, I've been wearing jeans nearly everyday. Plus it's really hard to get photos before it gets dark outside. :P

But hey, I know y'all are just as busy, stressed, and cold as I am, so I'm going to try to share more of my outfits regularly again. Even if they are just simple jeans and air-dried hair. 

// outfit details //
Jeans: American Eagle brand, ThredUP
Cardigan: Tricot Joli brand, ThredUP
Tank: Forever21: $1.80
Flipflops: Sears? I don't remember
Earrings: Groupon, $10
Hairtie/bracelet: Gift

For days such as today when I have a bunch of piled-up responsibilities to get to, I love long cardigans like this. I can throw it on over a tank on warm days or over a long-sleeved shirt on cold days and it helps keep my jeans modest by covering over my hips.

I'm really thankful for sunny days in the middle of winter like this. I went for a drive with the windows down to dry my hair and I really needed the excuse (flip flops!) to finally paint my toenails again. :D 

Y'all have an awesome day! What's been keeping you busy this week?
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

KBR Magazine Giveaway!

Hey y'all! Quite a bit of transparency here...

I sat down on Saturday morning to review a few of the articles in KBR Magazine so that I could fulfill my commitment to a sponsor. All around me the living room was an absolute disaster and it was clear that I hadn't fulfilled my commitment to my family yet. I thought, "I'll just read, review, and publish real quick to take care of my thing first and then I'll take care of the dishes.

I thumbed through the 10th anniversary issue, skimming the article titles. Consecrated to Thee-- one of my favorite hymn lines ever. My thoughts in italics. Lord, take my life and let it be... It had already been a really tough day and feeling the burden of commitments made it tougher. Work in my heart today, please.
Broken for Christ-- Oh, I do feel broken... but maybe not for Christ... Broken & Spilled Out-- Man, broken yes, but spilled out? I read the opening line of the article, "...Think of the things that we often break, causing them to be useful. Horses. Eggs. Stained glass. People are the same way. If we do not surrender our lives to God, we are useless to Him." (Article by Emily Bosley, page 9) I was feeling pretty useless, having spent the previous few days in bed. Surrounded by half-finished cleaning projects, filthy floors, and lots of sick people who needed showers but had no clean towels, I started to tear up. I'm very broken, Lord. Help me spill myself out for You.

I turned the page. A Poured Out Life, a savor of Christ was the next article, this one by Megan Roach. Savor of Christ. Doesn't that speak volumes! This pull-quote explained the concept perfectly: "As we empty ourselves & let the Spirit fill us, our fragrance will be sweet indeed." If I sacrificed my comfort and just went and washed those towels, this could be literal too! Ha.

To be honest, I was feeling pretty awful about myself by now. I don't know about you, but when I finally see my sin, it can be hard to not let the feeling of guilt overwhelm and paralyze me. Surrender: A Sacrifice Far Too Small was the next article. Surrender everything, even the guilt, Olivia. I sobbed a little more. The opposite page had wonderful short article called Vessels For The MasterThis isn't about you, girl. It's about Him. Lord Your Will Be Done is the article on page 14. Only halfway through this magazine. I don't think I can write about this today. Does My Life Bear The Fragrance Of Christ? was the next eye-catching title. Not today, it doesn't! That's it. I'm pouring myself out in service to my family now and forgetting my own commitments. 

I quickly scanned the rest of the magazine before I stood up to work. The Command With A PromiseCommunicating with Our SaviorLet Us Walk In The Spirit, and Loving Jesus were the other titles that spoke to my heart in a split second. Herbal Remedies, healthy recipes, an article on purity, and one on Beautiful Daughterhood are just a couple of the other heart-warming, wholesome encouragements The King's Blooming Rose Magazine offers. I haven't finished reading all the articles, but I feel confident that you, too, will be spiritually lifted up by this wonderful publication. Wishing I had taken the time to read the sample issues Sarah the editor sent me months ago!

KBR is offering to give away a 1-year subscription to KBR magazine to one Fresh Modesty reader! Here's the Rafflecopter widget for you to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I highly encourage everyone who doesn't win ;) to subscribe for just $12.00/ year donation. Click HERE for more information.

KBR is having their first mothers-and-daughters conference this year! This looks like a great opportunity to be blessed and to meet other like-minded daughters from across the country. I get a lot of emails from girls wondering how they can meet friends that would encourage them in their walk with the Lord and this Joyful Daughters conference is my current recommendation. :) You can click HERE for more information on that.

I'm tempted to stop my little heart story right where it is: sounding like I was a happy, blessed, joyful servant-hearted surrendered daughter of the King the rest of the day thanks to the article titles, that I got the house tidy, that I smiled and blessed others by creating a stress-free home environment. But that's not how the day went down. Being real is my policy, so I'll finish the story.

I did clean the kitchen, but I sobbed the whole time, completely exhausted from struggling to do every day should-be-simple tasks. I thought I had composed myself, but the more I thought about what I needed to work on to get the house back in shape, the more overwhelmed I got. Still pouring tears 3 hours later, my family begged me to go for a drive and calm down. So much for being a fragrance of Christ, eh? So I did. I drove to a town I'd never been to before, found a Sonic, wandered around a Dollar Tree, and bought a trash can.

You girls know I don't air my dirty laundry without a reason (more explanation in the post Reality) so my point is this: we all struggle. We all have seasons of selfishness, of asking "WHY?!", of getting tired of striving endlessly. We need the gospel every day. We need a deeper understanding of who we are, who Christ is, and what He has done for us (regardless of our actions!). Praise the Lord for the reminders of His love that come in many different ways! Last Saturday, that reminder came to me in the form of The King's Blooming Rose Magazine and a GMO-filled pineapple shake with a cherry. I hope you can be blessed by KBR Ministries, too.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sponsors | January

Hey y'all! It's that time of the month when we thank the awesome businesses who support Fresh Modesty! These are great resources that I encourage you to check out!

Skirted Blues is a sewing business dedicated to making stylish and modern jean skirts that are modest yet affordable. Our skirts are jeans or pants that have been transformed into skirts ( or "skirted"). Sizes range from infant to women's and can be custom ordered in any size, including maternity. We feature many different washes, fabrics and colors - including the ever popular camouflage! All designs are created and sewn by a homeschool mom of seven.

"Kerem Creations offers unique Messianic Judaica made by Daniel Sayag, born and raised in Israel, and a lover and teacher of God's Word. Kerem Creations was born out of a love of the Word of God and working with wood. There is power in the Word of God, and many promises of hope and encouragement. As we surround ourselves and our loved ones with these promises, our spirits are uplifted, and we gain new strength. Kerem Creations is located in Israel, and all wood products are printed and/or engraved in Israel in Hebrew, sometimes combined with a second language.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any special verse that you would like engraved/printed for you or someone you would like to bless. 
Shalom from Israel!" 

"The King's Blooming Rose" is a quarterly magazine that encourages girls to pursue modesty, purity, strong family relationships, and a deep walk with the Lord. Do you long to be a godly cornerstone in your home, but struggle with knowing how to become one? Do you ever feel alone in your walk with the Lord? KBR unites a community of young ladies from across the globe who have similar desires to serve the Lord and their families, while preparing to be godly homemakers. Join us today for only $12 a year!

 My name is Caitlin Baughman, I am 22 years old and am a Homeschool graduate. I started blogging a couple years ago for fun, and now it’s become a passion of mine to reach out to people in need of some encouragement. I've been teaching Piano as a Home Business since I was 14, and continue to do so while studying to become a Labor Doula. When I have free time I love to read, write, and learn about life. ​I love to sing, jog, knit, and blog. :)

Garlands of Grace
Handcrafted headcoverings, hair scarves, & accessories for women and girls! Our products are the results of sisters who enjoy working together from home to provide quality, handcrafted items for the glory of the Lord. We are always busy inventing, renovating, and exploring to find new twists to put to old favorites.

"The Head Covering Movement is a campaign that seeks to spark a return to the practice of head covering during corporate Christian worship. We post articles, sermons and video teachings on this topic. We also link to discussions around the web where people are talking about head covering and share testimonies of women who practice this symbol. To learn more about HCM you visit us at or watch this video: "

"Here you can find modest fashion clothing for women – Dresses, Skirts, tops, headcoverings and headbands – all beautiful, stylish, romantic chic, suitable for everyday wear and special occasions." is a one woman company from Texas that makes and sells one of the only high neck line camis on the market. These high neck line camis fill the bill when other camis don't. If you are tired of tugging at your cami, or if you tighten the straps so much that it rubs under your arms; this is the solution you have been searching for. Two new modesty items will be introduced this year. Modesty4Me camis are made in USA.

You can read my review of Modesty4Me here.

If you've been reading Fresh Modesty for any length of time, you know I am one of Halftee's biggest fans. They have completely changed the way I can layer to make things more modest and have greatly simplified my closet. If you ever ask me a question about layering, my first response is going to be, "Well, do you have a Halftee yet?" ;)

I hope you're having a great day! Blessings!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Favorites | EcoTools

Hey! When I sit down to blog I ask myself, "What am I passionate about right now?" and today the first thing that came to mind was "ahhh those make-up brushes!" then I tried to tell myself that was silly and that I just did a make-up post and that I really should find something else to post about.

But here I am, pumped to share with you the tools that have, oddly enough, brought me a lot of joy lately. The following are affiliate links to Amazon, but you can also find some of these at Rite-Aid or Walgreens. The above picture is one I posted to Instagram to show the products I used to create an everyday bright-eyed look.

Make-up brushes. Once upon a time I thought they were all just about equal and couldn't figure out why some were hundreds of dollars when you could get the same shaped ones at the dollar store. So, when it came time to expand my collection so I could play around with different looks, I went on Amazon, found the best value with the best reviews, and ordered 15 make-up brushes for $11, e.l.f. brand. I already had the EcoTools MINERAL 5pc Make Up Brush Travel Set that I loved, but I wanted to save some money so I bought the e.l.f. brand.

Big mistake. They are rough and shed a ton. I use maybe 3 of the 15 brushes (and hope to replace them soon) and basically wasted my money. For Christmas, I asked for all the ingredients to begin to make my own natural cosmetics, so I threw in a request for new make-up brushes as well. I evaluated my make-up needs (we've talked about that before) and chose brush sets that would work together to meet those.

First up, I needed a brush for liquid foundation:

The EcoTools Retractable Foundation Brush (Pack of 2). The shape is perfect for all-over coverage (even around the eyes) and I love that it retracts; I can throw it in my make-up bag and it won't make a mess! The foundation pictured is my first attempt at making my own-- I think I made it a little too red and the oil (almond) I used is slightly greasy, so I'm still working on the recipe.

Next, I needed a powder foundation brush:

EcoTools Large Powder Brush Mmmm... so. soft. Works very well with the loose mineral powder. Pictured is my first attempt at a homemade powder. I really like the shade and the consistency, so I'll be sharing the recipe at some point. :)

For blush, I've been using the mineral powder brush from the EcoTools MINERAL 5pc Make Up Brush Travel Set
It's a travel size, so it's perfect for hitting my cheekbones with a little color. Even if I do nothing else for make-up, I wear mascara and a little blush. Pictured is some hand-me-down blush from my great aunt. She sells BeautiControl. I plan on making my own natural blush soon, but I'm using this in the meantime. :)

Also in that travel set are two smaller brushes that I use for eyeshadow, choosing the shape depending on the look I'm going for. 

The last brush set I have is the EcoTools BAMBOO 6-pc Starter Makeup Brush Set.
The only brush I don't use regularly from that set is the big blush brush and that's just because I've gotten used to using the mini one I mentioned above. :) The Starter set has several eye shadow brushes that are great for creating pretty much any look you could want. Pictured is another BeautiControl handmedown. :)

So, to sum up, if you're looking to get started with a general full-face mineral make-up routine, here's the brushes I recommend:

(Click on the image to be taken to the Amazon page)
The approximate total for these is $30.28... a perfect high-quality, simple investment. No need for 15 different brushes to take up space in your make-up bag. 

If you feel like it, you could also pick up the EcoTools MINERAL 5pc Make Up Brush Travel Set, which has my favorite blush brush. :)

There you have it-- my rant about soft bamboo brushes. :D I hope this post was helpful to you whether you're looking for a new brand or just trying to know what types of brushes you may need for the more natural make-up looks.

Do you have a favorite brush brand? What is your most-used brush shape? 
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