Friday, January 9, 2009

How High is Too High for a Heel?

Heel Height

We all have our opinions-- what is yours on how high is too high for a heel? If it makes you walk "hippy," as a cute little girl calls it, is it immodest? What about shorter heels? What does the Bible say about cute shoes?


  1. Wow! first to comment! You said COMMENT so I took it literally. How high is to high. I think if you personally can manage to walk in them without emphasizing certain parts of your body then go right ahead!

    ~Jordan who comments literally

  2. Well... if the goal of wearing a high heel is so, "my legs will look long and pretty and everyone knows that tall girls are more attractive". Then high heels should be abandoned.
    HOW high they are doesn't matter so much as WHY we wear them in the first place.

  3. I personally prefer flats to high-heels. For me, it seems the purpose of them is to make you look taller, or to show off certain parts of your body. I don't really care to do either. *smile* I love your new blog by the way. Blessings, Darby Maeve

  4. Yes, what is the point of wearing high heels? I guess a person would have to examine why they are wearing a certain shoe and then see if it is distracting.


  5. Dittos to everyone else!

    One of the things I ask myself when I'm deciding whether or not to wear anything is "Can I quickly care for a child that needs my attention?" In regard to heels I would add "Can I chase a child who is going somewhere they shouldn't?" :)

    I personally don't wear heels at all. I'm for slats all the way! They're just so much more comfortable!

  6. i am tall to start with and wish i was shorter so i could wear high heels but hes modesty probably is so you don't walk hippy. That is very distracting for people.

  7. 1. anything 4" and under doesn't HAVE to emphasize if you know how to wear them, and walk in them.

    2. depending on wherre you are and what you're wearing, heels can be much more feminine than flats. Wearing flat shoes CAN (not will) tempt young ladies to clump around or be un-lady-like.

    3. As for getting away fast, I learned how to run in high heels on YouTube, so I'm covered :).

    I suppose it is unecassary to say that I am an advocate of high heels, but I do agree that it can be over-done.

  8. I only wear high heels when I am wearing a SUPER long skirt -- I like the "no tripping" look myself! ;-) The only other time is when I wear my highish boots -- once again with long skirts. My favorite shoes are either filp-flops or ....... none at all. ;-0

  9. I agree with all of you. I think the quote "make sure when you get dressed in the morning that you look cute as a button and that *Jesus would be proud of you*" takes care of it all. Ask yourself if Jesus would be proud of the way you look *and* your motives, and if the answer is yes then put on a smile and you'll be done. If the answer is no revise it or scrap it then tweak it until He would be proud.

    Livi, wonderful job on the blog so far BTW. I don't think I've told you that yet... :)))


  10. I am a heels person...or at least a wedge. I have to have some heel on mine for my back support...flats really hurt them.

    I don't go anywhere above two and a half inches. Any higher than that...I'm ridiculous.

    I think that heels...nice, feminine, conservative heels...are very classy. Think 50's vintage...ooh-la-la. ;-)

  11. Great comments! I don't think heels are inherently wrong... yeah, I agree motive has a lot to do with it. I've read that fashion designers say they can make a person look more "sexy" with shoes than with any other garment! Wow! That one really shocked me.

  12. I totally agree with Chloe in all four points. I don't wear heels to make me look taller or sexier...I wear them because they make me feel and act like a lady! :)

    Now that I think about it, few things make me feel as feminine as a pair of heels.

    Like others have said, I don't think the specific type of heel is the problem...I think it's knowing how to walk in them. (of course, VERY high heels are impossible to walk in without being "hippy".) I also thing the material of the shoe makes a difference. For example, a simple black pump is going to be less suggestive than a red patent leather one. Just a thought...

    By the way, I love this blog! I have a modest fashion blog also ('t wait to see more of your posts!

  13. I like flats better for myself, but I do have one really cute pair of heels that are, maybe, an inch to 1 1/2 inches. I like them because they make my foot look a little bit shorter--but I just tend to think flats are sturdier, so I like them better.

  14. TheBloggeress'sSisterMarch 16, 2009 at 12:38 PM

    I've noticed lately that heels make me walk a bit striaghter. I guess they push up my back. I'm more prone to slouch when I wear flats.Something I need to correct... =)


  15. im with emma. i find that flats make me slouch and my heels and ankles hurt more. in heels i hurt less ( well the balls of my feet may hurt sometimes if i've been standing for hours straight but thats not as bad)

  16. I don't often wear high heels. I stick to ballet flats and boots. After years of pointe high heels hurt my feet so I only wear them to the dressiest functions.

  17. Heels can look very feminine and graceful, but I avoid wearing them because 1. I am already tall, and with high heels I'd be taller than many of the men around me (awkward ;), and 2. They squish my toes in an unnatural way and throw my whole body out of alignment (even the smallest heels make my back feel strained). However, I also don't like how flats look on me, so I wear either sandals or boots (depending on the season). I really don't care much about shoes; barefoot is the most beautiful of all. :)

  18. It's been quite a while since you did this post but I thought I'd leave a comment anyway
    When someone can tell that you are walking differently in heels that if you were in flats, I think that this asks for unnecessary attention. I personally don't care for heels because they look showy, are easy to trip in (my first pair of heels, I tripped in church twice!), some types are gaudy, and they really are a burden if you're going to be moving around.

    1. Seeing your comment gave me the courage to add my two cents too... ;)

      Personally, I find that heels make me uncomfortable, both in walking and in tucking my legs under my seat at church. (Yes, even my pair of sandals with no more than 1.5" of heel.) I am only 5'6" (short in my circle) and I like the way classic heels look on my feet, but I limit myself to seeing that effect in the mirror-sided bench in the shoe aisle. ;)

      More importantly, I was taught growing up--and still believe, as a matter of fact--that a primary reason for wearing heels is to add appeal, by lengthening the legs and making the calves taut. So I prefer to stay with feminine flat-soled sandals in summer and a well-designed pair of flats in winter.

      - Emily


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