Friday, February 20, 2009

Tunic Tops

Tunics and Jeans

Skirts are practical. But so are jeans. Sometimes we want to wear jeans, but don't know how to make them feminine looking. That's where tunic tops come in. They're versatile, trendy, modest, feminine, and practical.

Keys to wearing shirts that are long enough to cover your rear:

  • Don't wear with frumpy jeans. If they fit well around your knee you should be OK. If they are too loose, though, you can end up looking chubby and frumpy.
  • Have a visible waistline or don't be too flowy. Belt it. But don't have two waistlines. The tunic I'm wearing in the above picture has a waistline that comes under the bust. If I were to put a belt on at my natural waist, it wouldn't look right. One visible waistline is all you need. :-D
  • If you're going to wear jeans under a dress, it should be of a length that you wouldn't wear as a dress by itself. A tunic top that comes to your knees with jeans underneath just ends up looking thought-less.
  • Deep neckline = necklace. If there is a large area between your collarbone and where the neckline of the tunic shirt starts (even though you certainly have a tank or shirt underneath) like in the above picture, throw on a necklace to break up the expanse.
  • Jeans, yes, Capri's, no. Long jeans look best in this look.

Christa Taylor has some adorable tunic tops available here. The tunic I'm wearing is from JCPenny's.

What do you think of tunic tops? Are there certain styles we should stray from?


  1. Olivia! Did you, by any chance, see my blog post???
    Or did we just happen to blog about the same thing at the same time?


  2. Well, I went thrift-store shopping today, and bought a pair of cute-but-tight jeans with a slight flair below the knee, so I can get some short dresses to wear with them. Happy me!
    AND, I found a button-down top that I can wear! Happy me again! It is a very pretty pink stripe design. It's sheer, but a white top underneath fixes that nicely. Yay! I just might wear it for Resurrection Day...


  3. Love this post! This is a great solution for when you find an adorable dress that is way too short - it looks great over jeans! Keep up the good work! :)


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