Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Styles

I don't know what you've been thinking about the last few days, but my mind keeps wandering back to what to wear this spring. This morning I put together a timeless ensemble that I thought you might like to see.

Monochromatic and simple, but what keeps it interesting is the textures. Every item I'm wearing has a different texture. Pleather shoes, linen skirt, seersucker top, knit t-shirt, scarf from Paris that sparkles, and angora hat.

This almost seems like a 3 season outfit. What do you think? Give you any ideas for your own wardrobe?


  1. I love this--it answers the question I was asking myself earlier this morning, about whether I could still wear scarves after the weather warmed up.
    Do you like cowls?

  2. Oh, most definitely wear scarves when it's warm! (just not knitted ones so much in the summer)

    Love cowls, usually.

  3. Olivia:

    Where did you get that skirt????? Old Navy???? If so I have it in that color and in a bright pink! ;-)

    Love the outfit!


  4. Hey Laura,

    Lol, I actually got the skirt at a rummage sale for like, a dime! :-D I also have one that I bought at Old Navy in blue. ;-D I remembered seeing that you had that skirt... guess I forgot to mention it! lol.


  5. It's soooo lovely. I mean it. Experimenting with different textures is something I do a lot and I believe it gives any outfit that added charm that comes from being both simple and chic.
    BTW, do you have a Polyvore account? I would love to see what sets you'd come up with.

  6. Thank you! Texture is everything. :-D I do have a polyvore (Fresh Modesty) but nearly every set I've created I've shared on this blog, which isn't much. :-D Feel free to look, though! :-D

  7. I loove your outfit. It's so pretty, fresh and feminine :)

  8. I so love this outfit! Way cute and modest!!! :)

  9. I'm sorry, I don't like this, the whites don't match :P


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