Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dressing Up The Denim Skirt

The other day I made this denim skirt. It was a bit too homeschooler-y for my taste, but I wanted to at least wear it once before passing it to my sister. You be the judge if I was able to make it look better. :-D
I paired the denim skirt with a tight-in-the-sleeves tan shirt that actually matched the stitching on the skirt exactly. I wore my denim and tan wedges with bows.

Sorry it's hard to see them in this picture. I think the single thing that kept it normal is the big chunky belt I wore with it. Success? No?


  1. Olivia!
    Well, I think you might be a _little_ too picky about what's homeschooler-y for you. :)
    I personally love the skirt. It's the one Emma wore at IEW, right? But I LOVE your outfit!!
    And that picture of you is really awsome, did Emma take it??
    <3 Rachel

  2. yeah, I've decided the skirt looks awesome with a belt. :-D
    Nope, self-portraits all the way!!!!!!


  3. LOVE the skirt! the top you are wearing in the picture at the top of this blog really that cute.


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