Friday, April 24, 2009

Playin' Cowgirl

I put on one of my sister's outfits this morning (yes that skirt has appeared on here before) and she turned up the sides of a wide brim hat to go with my braids. I came home from shopping with 5 pair of shoes (no, not the ones I'm wearing), new earrings, and AVIATOR GLASSES!!!

I think they really complete the look. All I need now is some cowgirl boots!

Have any really fun themed outfits you'd like to share?


  1. That's really cute, Livvy. I like the earrings, especially.


  2. Hi, found your blog through weaves of modest fashion blogs. Glad to know there are others who are aware of conservative fashion! Check out mine at Thanks!

  3. I love that outfit, Olivia! I love this site too!

    Gabrielle~ AnneGirl (from the Sense&Sensibility board)

  4. Wow - this is a totally fab ensemble! From the hat, to the glasses and jewelry, it's just perfect. And I am definitely NOT into the whole cowgirl thing, so that proves how great you look. ;)


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