Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fashion day 2-Summer Dress

Today I decided to wear a dress, just because I love summer dresses in general, and whenever I wear this one it makes me thing of Ruby, because she gave it to me! (and made it with her sister Chloe!)And I wasn't wearing any shoes (why wear shoes in the summer when you can be barefoot?) or accessories. (good grief, I need to buy a few!) But, I really enjoyed this dress today.

I guess I have a thing with Fords for my backgrounds. :-D
I'm just going to post in the evening, because I get up late in the morning, and I hate afternoon sun! :-P


  1. Pretty, pretty. I need to figure out what kind of dresses suit me. I just realized that I don't think I have ONE--besides my frumpy denim jumpers that I wear to pick veggies. *Laugh*

  2. *gasp* I want that dress! So pretty!


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