Monday, June 22, 2009

Fashion Week Day 2- Greek Goddess?

This morning I woke up not feeling myself and was uninspired to even get dressed. I looked at everyone else's Fashion Day 1's and decided I had to get dressed, but I still wasn't excited about it. As I was walking towards the stairs to my room, I noticed two large bags of clothes that had been sitting there since somebody dropped them off Friday, waiting for us to go through. I sat down and started sifting through them-- finding this cute shirt!!! It made me excited to get dressed!

Skirt: Apt. 9 from Khol's.
Shirt: Ann Taylor LOFT -handmedown.

Belt: Gift from an aunt

Earrings: Gift from G-pa

Headband: No clue- its been floating around the house forever.

When my mom saw my outfit this morning she said, "You look like a Greek Goddess! The way your hair is and the drapey shirt..." :D Not sure the belt lends itself to that theme, but I think this is a classy outfit for a warm summer day-- especially when one has a sunburn!



  1. I know how that un-inspired feeling goes. ;) The outfit is really lovely. :)

  2. Gotta love clothes that people drop off - some of my fave pieces are hand-me-downs! I adore that shirt and the headband adds a perfect touch, Definitely Greek. :)

  3. *sigh* I want that shirt. Now.

  4. I.Love.This.Outfit. You look great in it!!

  5. Are your outfits going to be so great all week?? I might just quit doing mine! ;)

  6. Ooo - you look gorgeous! Love the way you have put it all together.

  7. Oh Olivia!!! You are so amazing!!! I'm so glad you got some use out of that top...It looks wonderful!!! God has truly blessed you with fashion brilliance!!!
    Luv ya!!! <3 McKenna

  8. Wow! LOVE the outfit! You look gorgeous!

  9. Oh!!! I just love your outfit, Olivia!


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