Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fashion Week Day 3- Cowgirl

Today's outfit is a tried and true quick look. I discovered it when frantically searching for something to wear to a homeschool function one Friday. Now its one of my favorite all-the-laundry's-dirty-except-this outfits. I don't wear these pieces with many other things, so, by the process of elimination, usually are all still clean at the same time! *grin*

Anyway, this is a "cowgirl" look. Just realized I forgot to wear the hat! Oh well. :D
Shirt: Limited Too. Actually my sister's. :D

Belt: Thrift store find. It had gold sequins on it that my sister took off with a seam ripper.

Shoes: No Boundaries from Wal-Mart on Clarence.

Necklace: (its several strands of wooden beads) from Claire's.

This picture was too fun not to post! I love how my skirt is flaring out, but you can't see up it. :-P But you can also see the belt in this second picture which you can't in the first.

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments!


  1. I love your style of clothing - every outfit you've worn this week has been sweet, feminine, and classy! Way to go!

  2. Yep, that button up shirt definitely adds some western flare! I like it (and remember, I'm not a cowgirl! ;). That second picture is so neat!


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