Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fashion Week Day 5- Plain Cute

Sorry I'm so late getting this out today!

Shirt: Decree from Khol's
Tank: Arizona Jean Co from Khol's
Skirt: Made by me
Pearls: From Walmart

I have a friend staying with me until the Fourth of July, so she'll join in with me these last 2 days!

Ruby wore...
Shirt: Gap
Capris: Costco
Shoes: Sears
Flower: Jo-Ann's
I would like to mention Ruby's tank solution... tank tops that have "built in support" are usually too low and uncomfortable. She just pulls the support part up above the top of the tank, and it makes it higher and more comfortable! Great trick.

No theme today, just cute. AmandaBethOnline


  1. Olivia and Ruby, you both look so lovely!

  2. You two are as cute as buttons! Love the brown shirt. I immediately become jealous of pretty much anything with ruffles. :)

  3. The outfits are so pretty! The smiles are the best though:). Did you use a pattern for the skirt??
    I like your site!



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