Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mixing Colors

They're strange things, those colors. There are more "don't" rules than "do" rules in color mixing. But why? Colors are a God-given creative tool and much too exciting to get pushed to the side of our "importance" spectrum.

I personally don't think there are many absolute rules in mixing colors. They just have to "work." Like this bright fushia pink knit with ruffles top and silky pale-er-than-lime-green-but-just-as-bright-green asian style skirt. A matching green ribbon in my hair makes it "work." A normal color combination? Not really. A stylish ensamble? I think so.

(ps, if you ever need an unflattering picture of yourself- be 6 feet above your photographer with feet together for a uh, great angle!) :D


  1. i put green and purple togethor all the time. i tend to break all the color rules. i even have put brown and black togethor :P. love the outfit.


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