Monday, June 22, 2009

Rachel's Fashion Week-- Day 1 a Day Late

Well, Olivia talked me into posting on her blog about my fashion week, since I don't have a blog of my own. Actually, I didn't even know it was fashion week until she told me yesterday. Although I am absolutely NO fashion expert (or will be) I have fun putting outfits together. Here goes a little discription of my outfit I wore today!
Shirt-Walmart, $3
Cami-handmedown from my friend Jordan.
Skirt-handmedown from my friend Ruby.
Shoes-Salvation Army, $6

Me with my dog Asher.

And me being...well, me.

Thanks Livvy!!!!



  1. Cute outfit!

    And i have to ask... are you really standing on that truck? And if so, how did you get up there?

  2. Rach... Lovin' this!!Great pictures!!! But seriously, the 2nd one has to be my favorite... no kidding!!
    Love you!!! McKenna <3

  3. Ha ha! Yes, I am really and truly standing on the top. :-) There's a bed, and then a hood over the cab. So I just climbed up the back. Definitely not a very lady like thing to do, but it was fun, and no one was around. ;)

    Ha ha McKenna! :-D


  4. Rachel I LOVE the second picture! I laughed when I saw it! It's so... Rachel. :-) I'm so glad you're doing this! Can't wait to see your other outfits! Oh yes, LOVE the pumps on top of the truck... awsome touch! Good job climbing in them! Though it probably wouldn't be TOO hard... ;-)

    Love you!

  5. Ooh - love the brilliant blue of your shirt! And that last picture is amazing! Thanks for joining in! :)


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