Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keeping It Classy Fashion Week- Day 4

 Happy Wednesday!
 Today's agenda is a little less crazy than yesterday's. Or, at least so far. :) Today's my mom's birthday and I'm taking my sister to Harp lessons, so I got to dress up a bit more than yesterday. :D
What I'm wearing today: 
Shirt: Made by me (and never posted on my sewing blog... oops?)
Cardigan: Hand-me-down that's missing buttons. My shirt is too tight so I pinned the cardigan so that it stays together over the shirt yet shows the frills. :)
Tank: Arizona- JC Penny's. 
Skirt: East 5th from Sears. Its actually my mom's. :)
Flip flops: Old Navy.
Earrings: Same as yesterday- gift from my aunt.
I didn't realize until this morning that this cardigan and shirt go together so well fit wise. I think I'll be wearing this a bit more often. :D You know how they say that necessity is the mother of invention? Well, let's just say the laundry's a little behind. :)


  1. Cute, classy outfit. YAY for dressing up!!!!

  2. I love your blog!~ You're absolutely adorable. :) I added your blog to "blogs I follow".

    Have a beautiful day in Him!!!

  3. Awww. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Love the skirt dearest! :)


  4. Happy birthday to your mom!!

    I love the outfit!


  5. haha, so mnay of my outfits have come from that same problem!
    You look stunning!=)
    Happy B-Day Mrs. Howard!


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