Thursday, February 17, 2011

Keeping It Classy Fashion Week- Day 5

 Hard to believe its Thursday already! My morning has been spent wandering through physics and posting on my sewing blog.

 (please forgive the rhinoceros elbows)
Today's outfit was of my sister Emma's creating. I love having sisters who are the same size. Sometimes its motivation to get out of bed in the morning to get to the closet for the good clothes first. :D
What I'm wearing: 
Cardigan- JC Pennys- Tracy Evans Limited brand.(Emma's)
Tank- JC Pennys- Arizona brand. (Willa- my other sister's)
Skirt- Thrift store- Hazel brand (this skirt has the world's largest pockets- I love them!)
Flip-flops- Payless- Montego Bay Club brand

Hair flowers- Made by me
Earrings- Payless? a looong time ago. They were broken until this morning. :)
Necklace- Made by me from Christmas beads and charms I've collected from gift shops.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Bahaha 'Wandering through physics'. Ha. Cute skirt. Had you just taken a shower? My mouth fell open when I saw the second picture, "WHAT? OLIVIA! GREASY HAIR? never."

    You're cute,

  2. Haha. <3 Yes. My hair was wet.

    Speaking of greasy hair... Willa walked down the stairs the other day in sweat pants, a long T-shirt, and a hoodie and said, "I feel like I'm from Olivia's past". :P

    I miss you,

  3. Hahahha. :D Gooood. I was actually worried! Bahahaha. Yepyep. But only during moving week! Or after we've been up till 4 in the morning. :P

  4. That's a nice outfit! You look very pretty in it. :)

  5. Cute outfit!!!! MISS YOU!!!!

  6. L O V E the outfit again! You better keep an eye out on your (and your sisters') closet! ;)


  7. Pretty outfit! I love the flower in your hair.. its beautiful!

  8. I love this outfit... :D You look SO cute in it. I love the pockets in the skirt. :)


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