Saturday, February 19, 2011

Keeping It Classy Fashion Week- Day 7

Random Notes:
  • I can't believe Fashion Week is over! :( 
  • We watched "Annie Get Your Gun" last night- I laughed so hard! Definitely a new favorite.
  • You know the boots I wore Sunday and Tuesday? I found them on Ruche's website this morning! Glad I only paid $15 at TJ Maxx instead of the $75.99 they are on Ruche. That being said, they are my favorite pair of shoes... even if they are a size too small. :P
  • Its starting to get coldish again. Not giving up the flip flops yet! :D

 What I'm wearing today:
Shirt: Khol's- 1955 Vintage brand- altered by me
Tank: JC Penny's- Arizona brand (can you tell I'm a fan?)
Skirt: Made by me (same as Tuesday's)- its my favorite "every day" skirt
Belt: Belt buckle from Etsy - gift from friends - Belt from thrift store
Flip Flops: Payless- Montego Bay Club

Flower: Gift to my sister from a friend
Earrings: Teardrops- gift from my g-pa. 

{Note about this shirt- The sleeves were originally elbow-length. But, because the neckline was so big, the length of the sleeves made the shoulders of the shirt fall off. So, last summer I zig-zagged over a piece of ribbon along the sleeve, then pulled the ribbon so that it gathered the sleeves. I love the effect, and the shoulders stay on now!}

Thank you so much, Bramblewood Fashion, for hosting this fun week! I'm so glad I was able to participate. :)


  1. "When I'm with a pistol, I sparkle like a crystal- Yes I shine like the mornin' sun! But my score with a fellar is lower than a cellar, no you can't get a man with a gun!"

    It had to come out :)

    This week has been so fun to see what you're wearing every day! Makes me feel like a slob... well, that needs no more proof.... :P
    You are truly classy!!

    I miss you.

    There needs to be more of these things (Thank You Bramblewood Fashion!) so that we can see you everyday!

    <3 <3 <3!!

  2. Cute! Love the shirt :)!!!! Good job altering it!!!! I will miss seeing you daily outfit posts and you face :(!!!! I hope you keep updating the blog!!!! I agree with Kenners you are truly classy!!!!You got a steal on those boots!!!! Your face and hair in the first pic are beautiful!!!!MISS YOU!!!!
    Love, Katie

  3. O, Kenna. :) I love you.

    Livvy I'm really regreting not getting those boots instead of yout that day. :P But you look so cute in them. And you look nice with your bangs, too! :D

    Love you, chickie.

  4. Pretty nice outfit! I like your shirt, belt and flower. :)

  5. Oh, I am so glad you are posting again! :) You have such gorgeous, classy style..... you are such an inspiration to me =)

  6. Your hair is soo pretty, can we trade! ;)

    Love that oufit!

  7. Nice! I like the skirt :) Congrats on winning the modest fashion week!

  8. Hi Olivia, your blog has been listed at :)


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