Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Black, Grey AND Brown?

Nothing beats a jersey dress. This one from Walmart has adjustable spaghetti straps and elastic fitting along the top of the back. I love it because it is super easy to wear as a jumper.
Dress: Walmart
Blouse: Kohl's
Jacket: Handmedown
Jeweled Flipflops: Sears
Earrings: Sears
Yellow Necklace: Etsy

I was disappointed today was cool enough outside for a jacket. :P
 I had some fun figuring out how to take  my picture today... I ended up tying my camera by its strap to this tree to take it. :)


  1. Oh, that is SO pretty! You know, I think I need a jersey dress. Yes, definitely. :)

  2. Yeah that definitely works. You told me once when you were wearing a light pink dark pink striped shirt with maroon cami and purple headband, "If nothing matches its ok." You still have me confused by that one.

    I was *WONDERING* what you were wearing the whole time we were skyping. :D ahaha. :D

    Love you.

  3. Very Classy!!!! Are you wearing a blouse under the dress? Love, Katie


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