Friday, May 6, 2011

Stripes-- AGAIN!

I can't believe I'm wearing stripes again today. I totally didn't realize it until I was titling this post. :P Ah well. It's a new shirt. :) I found it at Macy's yesterday for $4.50! I love it.
Shirt: Macy's
Tank: JCPenney's
Capris: Khol's
Flip Flops: Sears (finally a store without an 's! :D)

I found some good deals at Macy's yesterday- $20 for 3 nice shirts was pretty good. :) Have a lovely day!!


  1. I want your shirt!!!! Love,Katie

  2. LOL! Yeah, it's funny how when you start fashion blogging you become aware that you wear this, or that WAyyyyy too much! *GRIN* I'm doing that with some shoes right now come to think of it...*GRIN*
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. good grief you look like such a celebrity.

    quit it.

    I mean, I love your shirt. :D


  4. Off topic, but did you used to live in Florida? The trees, the houses, the GRASS just looks like it must be Floridian. :D

    1. I was visiting my family in Corpus Christi, TX when I took this picture. :)


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