Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just An Average Day

Today is an average summer day: Waking up late, working on graphics, reading sewing blogs, making potato salad, milking the cow, and listening to music. :D This is my dishevelled self after doing the above and not touching my hair all day. :) I figured I should post my outfit because I realized that I spent basically no money on my outfit. :)
Shirt: Goodwill: $3
Tank: JCPenny's: $5
Skirt: Handmedown: $0
Slip: Handmedown: $0
Headband/flower: Homemade (took a flower apart, stuck a huge jeweled earring through the center of the petals, and bobby pin it over a black velvet ribbon.): $0
Earrings: Walmart: $1.50

Have a lovely day!


  1. Hahahaha... wish I looked that good when I was "dishevelled". :) jk I love the skirt!

  2. Cute outfit!! Those colors look beautiful on you. ;)

  3. What a lovely outfit! Thanks for sharing! I love your hair as well. :D

  4. A beautiful outfit!!!!!!!!! You look great for disheveled!!!!! Love, Katie

  5. How pretty!!!:)

  6. Beautiful outfit!
    I love your shirt and the headband. Gorgeous!


  7. Love, love, love, your outfit!!! =)

  8. It sounds like the best day ever. My oldest 8 yr. old dreams of milking cows and gets a plastic glove and puts some holes in it and squirts it into the bowl w/ water in it. I hope I can give her the happy life you have...fresh, pretty and sweet. We've got the chickens but a cow will have to be down the road, a new house and more property. I made my daughter some cute little modest tops and skirt for Christmas I recently posted.

    Love how you've engaged the slip as part of the outfit, and I've not seen a prettier slip with the eyelet lace.

  9. Hold on :) you milked the cow in a skirt?? :D Beautiful outfit! (just found your blog - I plan to come back)


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