Monday, July 4, 2011

My Fourth Outfit

This is what I wore after church yesterday for our spontaneous 4th festivities. Well, actually... I'm not big into holiday dressing, but if what I'm wearing happens to already be the correct colors, I don't mind. :D Another dishevelled picture- this was after riding in the car for 2 hours and eating at Sonic with 15 friends, at 11:30 last night in an effort to see the fireworks. That we missed by 3 minutes. It was a blast (thank you, thank you), to say the least.

Shirt: Gift from a friend (seen here)
Tank: JCPenny's
Skirt: Thrift store (It was dollar day!!!)
Slip: handmedown (seen here)
Flipflops: Sears
Anklet and Earrings: Walmart

Not the most flattering outfit ever (especially in pictures) but I love it nonetheless. It was really cool, too. :)


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