Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This was an awesome no-fuss outfit for today. Which was good, because I spent 4 hours driving in a non-air-conditioned truck in 91* heat. And I'm pretty sure the humidity was at least 210%. I really should have put my hair up before I left. I did put it up when we went to milk this evening, though. :)
Shirt: Khol's. Seen here.
Skirt: Made by Me. Seen here.  And here.
Belt: Thrift store.
Earrings (You can't see them they're so big. 4.5" gold hoops from Walmart)
Flower/headband: Made by me. Seen here.
I did wear flip flops. Same as these.

Happy Day To You!


  1. I would appreciate an update on your life, thankyouverymuch. :) Where are you in this pic? Italy? Chat me.


  2. Cute!!!!!

  3. Love it! The skirt is the perfect combination with the belt and beautiful blue shirt.

  4. What a pretty shirt, and lovely picture!!


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