Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Out On The Town

Hi! Long time no talk. :D I love blogging, but I love living life, too. So, lately I've been giving up the former for the latter. Yesterday, though, was an awesome day and I got to wear a cute outfit to boot! Um... yeah, with boots. :D
Bright and early in the morning, two great friends and I "kidnapped" another awesome friend and took her to Franklin, TN in honor of her birthday. Us country girls don't get out much, so we thoroughly enjoyed our 13 hour excursion! Plus, it meant I got to dress up a little bit! All four of us had our DSLRs so we had a little photoshoot at the Factory at Franklin. I thought I'd show you pictures of what I wore:

What better place/ occasion to wear a fedora? I curled my hair a little bit and pinned my "bangs" back before I put it on.

What I'm wearing:
Black tank~ JCPenny's
Grey shirt~ JCPenny's
Tan skirt~ Gift from Grandma... I think she said she got it at Rose's.
Brown boots~ TJMaxx
Tan belt~ Thrift store gift from Grandma
Faded gold tear drop earrings

Kaliste and Laura both made the skirts they're wearing. We went and saw "Seven Days in Utopia". It is a really well-made Christian film and I definitely recommend it. :)

Hope y'all have been well while I've been on an unplanned blogging break!


  1. I LOVE your outfit!!!!!! And I want your friends skirt patterns ( if they don't mind sharing the brand and number :))

  2. All of your outfits are superbly cute! :) Glad you had fun! What was the movie about?
    stop by my modest fashion blog sometime!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. The outfit it ADORABLE! I want. =)

  4. My fedora is one of my favorite things! The outfits are fantastic! Modest and classy!

  5. Nice to see you again!!!! Looks like a fun day! Cute outfit! Love, Katie


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