Monday, October 10, 2011

Raspberry Boots

I just LOOOOvvvvvEEEE these ruched suede raspberry colored boots my grandma gave me a few years ago. When I first got them they were incredibly small. They're still incredibly small, but their cuteness is too much for me to not wear them. :D This is what I wore to church yesterday. It was a delightful day. In the evening, we got to go to "The Century Men" concert in Nashville. They were amazing! I'm not usually very enthralled with concerts, but these men were really really good. :D If you ever have the chance to see/hear them, it'll be well worth it!

I was about to name the place I got my outfit, but then I realized it was all either a gift or handmedown. So I won't bore y'all. :D Have a lovely week!


  1. They are cute! You crack me up! I've done that before though..."such and such of item is way too small...uncomfortable..probably shouldn't be wearing them...but aren't the cute?!" GRIN
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  2. Love the skirt! Thanks for doing this with me Liv!!!!! chat me.


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