Sunday, October 16, 2011

Warm Fall Day

I love these warm fall days. It means I can combine cotton and corduroy. :)
What I'm wearing:
hat- Macy's-gift
pearls- gift from great grandmother
shirt- Goodwill- $3
tank-JCPenny's- $6
skirt- madebyme- free-given fabric
shoes- thrift store-$2

I usually take my pictures on the balcony we have off our bedroom. This morning, however, I stepped over the balcony rail and onto the third layer of scaffolding for the picture. :D

My shoes- since you can't see them in the above picture. :) little kitten heeled things.

This evening my lovely friend Laura took some pictures of me in the leaves. It was practically dark out and we were practicing camera settings. :)


  1. cute outfit! Beautiful pictures!!!!

  2. Nice blog. I like that it encourages modesty and you look great. Glad that I found you.

  3. I love your hat! I have one almost identical!


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