Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge: Day 1

Did you know you can be contagious with the stomach flu for three days after you have it? Yeah, new information to me, too. And since I had the lovely disease Friday, I had to stay home from church today. Seriously depressed about that. But, today was a day of rest nonetheless. :)

This evening our family went on a walk around our land. I tried to get some self-portraits, but I just haven't mastered focusing with the self timer. :P Sorry.

Sweater- thrift store- olive green with beading and organza flowers around the neckline
Tank- JCPenny's- baby purple
Skirt- Made by me- light denim
Scarf- bought in Paris, France (not Tennessee ;)- baby pink

This week my mom and I have to finish staining the entire outside of our house, so I'm not sure how "fashionable" I'll be... but maybe. :D I loooove fall fashion. :)


  1. Very cute! I love your scarf!
    Libbi H. from the funner life

  2. self focusing on a self timer? I don't really have that down either. :D cute scarf!!


  3. Very lovely! I adore your scarf. :)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Hi Olivia,
    I wanted to ask if i could show a picture of you to my hairstylist, cuz' I REALLY want to get your hairstyle. Just thought i'd as to make sure. :)



  5. Hi Summer- yes, that's perfectly fine! Although I cut my hair myself and can easily tell you how it's done!
    With wet hair, I lay my head over a chair back and my sister combs it out and just cuts it straight across- when I sit up again, it's layered!
    My bangs I just kind of pulled some hair to the side and snipped it. :P

  6. YAY! Thank you! :) :) But I think I'll have to go to a hairstylist because neither my mom nor me can cut hair, but thanks a lot anyway! :)


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