Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It is the week of Thanksgiving and so warm I walked to the mailbox barefoot in the rain at 9am today. I love TN weather. :D :D I'm still a recovering northerner, so please pardon my excitement over not being cold. :P

I know it's fall, but I'm addicted to flip flops. I am wearing fall colors though!

Olive shirt: Target clearance ~$5
Blue lacy tank: JCPenny's ~ $5
Brick cargo skirt: Thrift store ~$5
Brown jeweled flip flops: Sears? Macy's? ~$7.50

Earrings: Walmart~ 3pair for $5
New feather "extensions"~ Freeeeeee :D

I'm a huuuge fan of the feather extension fad. It's not really new anymore, but I haven't stopped loving it. However, at $15 a feather, I couldn't bring myself to get more than one. Yesterday I decided to try my own- picked some chicken feathers off the patio, boiled them, blew them dry, found some little tiny jewelry wire clamps, and used a needle threader and pliers to put them in. Suuuuper easy, quick, and cheeeapo!

Plus, I really really like them. :) My mom said I'm just getting in the Indian spirit of Thanksgiving. Not exactly the look I'm going for. :P

Its been raining the last few days and is super muddy up around our pastures. I went up yesterday and was driving around in the mud trying to get my brother to sleep. Slip and sliding and doing doughnuts. Kind of addicting-- like flip flops? :P

This kid goes with me pretty much everywhere. I love him to death.


  1. Would you explain more about how to do the feather clips? Like what you use the needle threader for? And how you attach the feathers with the wire clamps? I've got a blue feather that I found outside a while ago, and it would be fun to wear. Thanks! :)

  2. Man, he is a Q T pie!! I agree with Kerry about more details on the feather clip! maybe a tutorial? Thx! -s

  3. love the color combo in your outfit! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com


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