Thursday, January 12, 2012


I really quickly threw this on this morning. One of those, "well there's this and this and this and it's all I can find and oh look they match!" outfits. ;)
This button-up "Lumber Jane" and hooded thermal PJ shirt pair has become my favorite "ooo its really warm" combination since the day I accidentally layered them while trying to find something warm to wear while slaughtering some chickens. :P

Yes, folks, I live in the country. Moving on...
 Plaid shirt: Khol's.
Black hoodie: Walmart
Brown skirt: Made By Me
Green tights: Gift from Grandma
 Boots: Boot store in downtown Nashville (Justin Brand, in case you were wondering)

 I just love the hood look.

My sister made these earrings- aren't they cute? She's been on a jewelry-making kick and I'm not complaining! She's made a bazillion choker/earring combos and they're all super pretty.

Have an awesome day, y'all! I'm enjoying my coffee, brownies, and the snow flurries outside.


  1. You know, there aren't very many people who have snow! I live in Montana, though we have snow on the ground, it's been quite a tame year! But even with as little snow as we have, people still comment with things like "Oh wow! You have snow?! That's crazy!" Which is funny.
    I love your outfit! Super cute! And those earrings are stunning!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. I really like how you layered your shirt- really cute!

  3. Love your outfit!!! Thanks for posting.

  4. its so cute. i would SO wear that. were i live (WA) it has been all rainy but today when i woke up we had an inch of snow. that is so cool that ur sister makes jewelry. i love making jewelery.

  5. love. love. love.
    the boots are SO cute!! The whole outfit is perfect.


  6. Cute! Love the skirt! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!! email me :)
    Love, Katie

  7. Wow! Your 'style' is soooo similar to mine!! I LOVE the boots (i'm a HUGE boot collecter and have an assortment of long,short,brown,black, flat and heeled boots!!)

    I have a skirt like that, and I LOVE the top!
    overall the outfit is so cute, warm and soooo country!!

    can't tell you how much I've been enjoying your blogs, and I'm excited that I've found a gal that has my 'style'!!!

    Oh! i love those earrings too- your sis is so clever!
    Love from a sister in Christ from downunder, Aust.
    Emily Grace xoxo

  8. first time posting here and I'm in love with the plaid shirt and hood :D I definitely would wear both things together.


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