Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 Tuesdays mean homeschool co-op! And ever-so-slightly dressier clothes than Mondays deserve. ;)
I teach a writing class for middle-schoolers~ it is such fun! I guess it helps that my students are some of my best friends. :D

Sweater: Hand-me-down
Ribbed tank: I'm not sure. It's super old and has bleach stains. Thus the belt! ;)
Belt: Gift from grandma
Skirt: Made by me, with the hem recently taken out like this skirt. 
Shoes: Sneaker-style flats from Payless
Earrings: Gift from a friend

Hair: Left over curls from Saturday night (don't judge me!) and a quick braid thrown over my crown for a headband. :D

Hope y'all had an awesome day! I took a walk to meet the neighbor's new baby lambs- so adorable! 

Do y'all ever strategically cover up stains like I did with the belt? ;)


  1. awesome outfit! Your my favorite blogger! :)

    I also love the belt, do you happen to know where Your grandma got it from?

  2. Thanks, Summer! My grandma got it at a thrift store- and actually gave me and my sisters two of the same!

  3. Hey, Just wanted to let you know that I really like your new header. I completely agree that if I am going to wear a long skirt it has to be truely long (just a hint above the ground). Yes, I sometimes use belts for a simular purpose.

  4. I love your skirt! It looks pretty good with the sneakerish shoes, too. Not something you expect to see.

  5. Cute outfit! Country and classy at the same time! Love that! I especially love the sweater and belt! I can't recall ever strategically covering stains. Although I may have. I am going to try that with my hair. I love the new header!
    Love, Katie

  6. Really pretty outfit....so femine and modest!!!

    Btw awesome blog:)


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