Friday, February 17, 2012

Fab Ab and Casual?

I'm forever thinking y'all are gonna get bored of seeing my normal every day clothes... but then you leave such encouraging comments that I second guess that thought. And, honestly, I don't dress up except for church in an average week, so if you want posts, this is what you're going to get! ;)

So, here's what I'm wearing today:
Shirt: Thrift store
Brown tank: JCPenny's
Skirt: Goody's 6 years ago (!!!)
Boots: Boot store in Nashville
Leather cuff bracelet: Gift from a friend
Feather earrings: Gift from another friend
My hair I did kind of weirdly today- braids going every which way. I think I like it.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may remember when I posted I was going to follow this chart:

It was supposed to take all of February to complete (duuuhh), but I skipped the first two weeks and finished it last night! It was so much fun and super easy to just do the 8 minutes or so of exercise before bed. If you're looking for a simple way to get in some toning workouts, you might try it! I had great results... although I will admit I did about 20 more sit-ups than it called for each day, or did the sit-ups on an exercise ball to make it harder.

Do you mind casual outfits? What kinds of exercises do you do? I'm looking for something like, "Midsection March", so send it my way! ;)


  1. Haha you've had that skirt for an ETERNITY. But I still love it!! :D The braids are very cute Liv....and you know what workout I did. I'm still doing the ab ripper part from P90x...I can explain some to you, if you want. Call meh. ;)


    1. please share a link i would love to try it.

  2. I really like casual outfits! Most fashion bloggers always seem to wear super fancy clothes, so it's nice to see something cute and casual.
    Hmm...I used to exercise every day, working on toning my abs and legs, but then as soon as school started, I got out of the habit! Imntrying to get back into it now, though. I have a couple of apps on my iPad that I use.(:


  3. I love the skirt and the boots! casual clothes are awesome but I love dressing up to! I should really exercise more... I'm just so unmotivated to and not athletically inclined. :P

  4. I use the Joyce Vedral DVD workouts. She is tough but it is a system that really works for me! :-)

    Hey, I am all for casual outfits! I am very casual myself. I love your braided hair style. Very Pretty!

  5. I love the braids! It's so "hippieish" :) I also love the skirt, how do you come up with such awesome outfits?
    BTW just wondering, but did you hear about Whitney Houston? So sad.

  6. I think everday is actually more appealing, and easier to relate to!
    I do Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme (Turbo Fire is more cardio and ChaLean Extreme is a weight lifting program) I don't really do much ab work, if you have any fat (obviously you don't!) it actually pushes the stomache OUT! So until I get rid of the excess fat, I'm not doing much ab work! :) I think exercise is SO important! Both physically and mentally-plus we're supposed to be good stewards of what God has given us (our bodies)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  7. Hey Olivia!!
    Keep up the posts!! I love seeing your 'everyday clothes'!! I have been getting so many good ideas from this blog, and I think you writing 'casual clothes posts' is so awesome... when it all comes down to it... what do you usually wear anyway, on a day to day basis?!! I hardly dress up except for a Sunday anymore! *Sigh* What I really like is how you do a really cool hair-style with every outfit!! You have inspired me to do the same!!
    Anyway, I love the outfit... oh, and the boots are awesome!! My style!!
    As for exercise... I really active and living on the farm I'm always running after cows and sheep... and being a big sis, I'm running after children all day, too!!!LOL!!
    I do try and jog/run 2 KM a day and do a few push- ups... YOur exercise program for this months looks great!! Good on you!!
    Have a blessed weekend!
    God's Blessings,
    Emily Grace xox

  8. Keep up the casual clothes post, Olivia! I love 'em, and your boots too. :)

  9. Very cute! Love your hair!!!!! Keep up the casual outfits!
    Love, Katie

  10. Soooo cute!! I love your blog. Your blog is an encouragement, and I know God is using it.

    PS. The hair is adorable!!!

  11. Adorable Olivia! I don't always comment, but I DO read your blog. :) I just don't have the time.

    Me? I run and walk. All the time. It keeps me somewhat in shape. :)


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