Friday, February 3, 2012


No complaints from this section of the country about the weather~ I've been romping through the mud all week in short sleeves. I study as I walk around splashing in mud puddles. #homeschoolingrocks ;)

Getting a denim skirt filthy muddy while barefoot has got to be one of the greatest joys in life.
Super simple outfit, but I thought I'd share.
I'm thinking about starting to say what about each outfit I think makes it different than your typical run-of-the-mill look. Like how this could have been just a jean-skirt-and-tee-shirt outfit, but I helped it along by adding the white bow belt. This look was actually inspired by Madeline. Would y'all like that little "education" with each post?
Olive "boyfriend" tee- JCPenny's? Khol's? Target? I bought it on clearance for $5. We wear it like twice a week. :P
Brown Tank: JCPenny's (they finally had brrrrowwwn!)
Denim skirt: Made by me, hem taken out, like Tuesday. Most of the mud washed off courtesy of the creek. :)
White belt: Headscarf thing from thrift store tied in a bow.
Earrings: Made by my sister! Check Eager Hands tomorrow for a giveaway of similar earrings!
Flip Flops~ Old Navy

What's your opinion on mud? Love it, hate it?


  1. Oh, yes. I love all the details from outfit posts:)

  2. I like your outfit. It looks like something I would wear.
    And yes, I like mud too. Only if it doesn't last forever. :)
    Oh and your new header is CUTE!


  3. I would love a little education with each post! I love how you did the jeans and t shirt look with a denim skirt! Love, Katie

  4. OOOOO!!! I love that color yellow, and it looks GREAT with the brown tanktop!

  5. Yes, please explain them to us! Not that I don't think your outfits are cute! :) But sometimes I can't figure out how to give my own outfits that one extra "oomph"!

  6. Super cute! I love all of your outfits, actually, haha...I can't believe I didn't find this blog until today! (and I love your header, by the way!)


  7. I love your outfits and when I inspire one it makes it even better ;) you inspire me to!!


  8. I love your outfit!!!
    And no I don't like the mud very much.

  9. Olivia,

    Love the new header, PRETTY! Lovely writing on the side.

    You remind me of me, charming in phrasology, such as 'drenched in fog' below, however, when I was 19, I wasn't nearly so confident, I needed to go to college, go to Russia to teach English to children, and go on a gospel proselyting mission for my church to be schooled by God in the fire of trials and experience, and the joy of living and meeting wonderful people all through out, I found've already done such and are sharing so much with others by way of virtuous living, joyfully.
    Keep up the good work, and mud? Cleaning out mud is no fun from my children's clothes however I mostly NEVER holler to get out of it, rather, I get out my camera. Mud is glorious and infact I am going on a mud run this June, a 5 K in mud! But once when I was brothers and I played in mud, and I snuck in and washed up and let my brothers get in turned out to be our sewage mud...ick!!! :)

  10. Your outfit is really the yellow shirt and earrings. Were we live there is not much mud around us, but if there was it would be fun:)


  11. I LOVE MUD! You are so much like me!!
    love the earrings and the colour of that shirt - cute but practical!! xox

  12. I love this look super simple but country chic :)
    and on the topic of mud.. I love ANYTHING that god makes so fun ! :L

    much love from beemod..

  13. I don't like mud as much when it Sudennly splashes on me. but i think i like to play in mud! I would love it if you posted about what makes each outfit itself! Love this outfit!

  14. you and your outfits are to cute. i don't know if you know who they are but i think you and john-david duggar from 19 kids and counting would make a really cute couple. :) sorry just had to put that in their lol

  15. I absolutely love the skirt!!!! Do you make them and sell them?

  16. I really like your skirt. I am going to have to make it for me and my sister. I am also homeschooled and love playing in the mud with my brothers!


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