Friday, February 10, 2012

My Sweats

Some people can live in sweat pants and be comfortable with how they feel. I did that my twelfth year of life, and, honestly, it did not feel good. Saggy bums and stretched out knees do not make one feel collected and confident. But still, there are days that one just needs to hang around in stretchy clothes. This is what I wear on those kinds of days.

Jacket: Khol's, So [wear it declare it]
Boyfriend Tee: Thrift store
Lace-edged cami: JCPenny's
Skirt: Made by me
Earrings: Thrift store (is that gross?)
Silver glitter belt: Stolen off a pair of pants my sister bought when she was 10 :)

What makes this outfit work? Well, the fitted tee helps balance out the loosish skirt. The silver belt adds a little bit of class that makes it wear-to-the-chiropractor's worthy, and the short sleeves with a jacket combo makes it versatile.

I love this jacket- the waist detailing makes it flattering but its thick and warm.

My hair is yesterday's random curls with a little braid. Hippie-ribbon. And this nifty little doo-dad:

Have you seen these? I bought them in the jewelry section of Walmart in a six-pack. They're little screws for hair-jewels and they're awesome.

They add a little bit of bling and they keep things in place like bobby pins. Perfect for headbands and scarves and things. :)

What do you wear on 'lounge' days?


  1. This is really cute! It seems much nicer than my usual lounging around the house outfit...generally jeans and a t-shirt!(; I love the skirt!


  2. I usually resort to my favorite yoga pants or a comfy pair of jeans. But in the Summer I love maxi dresses. Very comfortable. :) I love your outfit, so stylish! :)

  3. I have a dress that is pretty and strecthy for my easy. comfortable outfit, but it is stretching (sagging) to the point that modesty is an issue, and it is a spring/summer dress. I need to buy/create more of these types of outfits for "those" kind of days.

  4. Very creative! Cute and classy! I have never tried spin pins but I will definetely be looking for some! Usually my lounge outfit is a t-shirt and pj pants rolled up to shorts. I need to get cute and feminine! thanks for the inspiration!!!!! I Miss you so much!!!!!!!

  5. Love your outfit! My lounge outfit is sweat pants or jeans with a t-shirt and maybe a light wait jacket!

  6. I knew that it was going to be cute!! I would totally wear this :) and it was pretty much what I wore the other day. Knits are definitely my comfort clothes, I usually wear a knit dress or skirt, leggings, and a cardigan and scarf! Way more comfortable then jeans!

  7. I usually end up throwing on my exercise clothes- Which consist of: sweat pants, exercise shirt and exercise sport jacket. So really, it's a sporty look. Other times I'll throw on a baggy sweat shirt and pants, baggy sweatshirt and skirt. Just depends on how "lazy" I feel.
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  8. I love poka dots, but I equally like stripes as well! :)

  9. I wear yoga pants(love them!)or sweats with an old large sweatshirt and fuzzy socks or slippers and I'm happy!

  10. Very pretty outfit! Comfy and cute all at the same time!



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