Thursday, February 16, 2012


I like the word Olive. I don't like the food, but I love the color. I like it because its super close to my name, Olivia, and it's a color. Like, how many people have a name similar to "blue" or "orange"?? I guess there could be someone named Redding in this world. :D

While Laura Elizabeth was doing a photoshoot with my sister yesterday, I balanced my camera on the bumper of my truck and had my own photo session. ;)

Striped shirt: Walmart!
Swirly skirt: Thrift store!
Belt: Thrift store!
I was wearing boots with this, but then my sister took them for her photos, so I'm wearing sneaker looking flats from Payless in this picture.
Hair: Super flouffy crimps thrown into a side french braid. :)

What makes this outfit work? Well, the stripes keep the plain skirt up-to-date. The belt helps keep the shirt from moving around, and adds some fun contrasting pattern. You can't see them, but my earrings were big jingly circle/drop things that added some texture and fun. :)

What are y'all up to this week? I spent yesterday afternoon and evening painting the 10ft ceilings of a friend's basement, so I'm recovering from that today. Turns out looking straight up for 8 hours hurts your neck somethin' awful! :P


  1. Ooh, I love your skirt! ^^


  2. I LOVE your outfit!!!
    You're very pretty by the way!

  3. Painting ceilings are the worst! :-) Hope your neck recovers soon. Love your outfit, olive is a nice color!

  4. love :) I cant really pull off olive but you do it very well! oh and your wearing stripes ;)

  5. I love that color too!! Love the skirt! Not up to much this week. College classes, work, oh and I cleaned and organized the bathroom closet yesterday. More cleaning today.

  6. Ah, this outfit is so pretty-- casual but still feminine. Olive looks well on you!

    I followed you over from Bramblewood Fashion and have been enjoying perusing your outfits. Your hair is always done so perfectly: I would love to see any tutorials you've ever done for styling it!


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