Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's Outfits- Sister Style!

Today was a lazy day, except for homeschool co-op classes this morning... although even those were pretty easy-going! It was 58* or so and overcast- perfect for opening the windows and rolling around in the grass with your little brothers. :)
I walked into the kitchen this morning and was struck (again. Like I am every morning) by how cutely my sisters were dressed. They do a fabulous job picking out outfits and changing things up. With three of us all about the same size and sharing all the same clothes, sometimes it's hard to be creative. But, they're always surprising me and some of my favorite outfits have been their creations. :D
So, I decided to share their outfits with you, too!

What I'm wearing:
Mustard polo: Goodwill
Striped sweater: Forever21
Jean skirt: Made by me
Boots: Justin Brand, boot store in Nashville

What Emma's (age 15) wearing:
Brown cowl-neck tank: Handmedown
Shirt: Goodwill (seen previously on this blog, here!)
Skirt: Made by me
Denim flats: The Shoe Dept
Headband: Made by me

What Willa's (age 13) wearing:
Pink shirt: Goodwill
Light purple tank: JCPenny's
Black skirt: Handmedown
Multi-printed Keds: Thrift Store

I love my sisters. :D Would y'all like to see more of their outfits? Do you share clothes with anyone?


  1. I would love to see more of your sister's outfits!!! They both have really cute style. :) I share clothes mostly with my older sister. :)

  2. Y'all are SO CUTE!! I really love Willa's shoes :)

  3. Those are very nice outfits!! I think it would be lovely if you shared more of their outfits. :)

    My mom, sister, and I sometimes share clothes. The only thing we can't share is shoes. mom and my sister have the same size, but I'm about 3 sizes larger... ;)

  4. I like all of your outfits! I would enjoy seeing more of their outfits, too! I really like Emma's cowl tank under that shirt.
    I share (more like - we take clothes and ask after wearing them) clothes with my older and one younger sister. We're all about the same size, so it works. *smiles*.


  5. Love all three outfits! So cute! 58 deg...sigh. I can't wait for Spring!
    I live in Montana, were it's still 30 deg weather...oh well!
    I would love to see your sister(s) styles more often! I can always use inspiration to dress feminine. I share clothes occasionally with my younger sister (my older sister bigger than me). Shoes, on the other hand, are different! My mom, sisters and I all have the same shoe size (about) and share shoes! Much more fun than having one or two pairs a person, then you have the option of like 10 pairs of shoes, instead of just yours!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. you all look so alike! :D i love your sisters style, i am Willa's age, i can so relate to her outfit. <3 i would love to see more!

  7. Love to see all of you and your cute outfits! :)

    My sisters and I are all different sizes so we don't share. We used to a lot though with handmedowns and such.

  8. Even though I am married now I still share clothes with my sister! :-) and shoes as well. It is a lot of fun seeing how other people mix and use peices together! I love that cowl neck with the shirt over it...cute idea!

  9. I would love to see your sisters outfits more often. All three of you have such great style. I love all of your outfits! I have a little sister, but she is 9 and I am almost 17...we can't share clothes. :( :) But sometimes we share hair accesories? lol I love sisters, even if we are two different sizes. :)

  10. All cute outfits! I love Emma's shirt! I want some denim flats now!!!!! I would love to see more of Emma and Willa's outfits!
    Love, Katie

  11. Love the outfits ladies! (You all remind me of me and my two younger sisters. Yes, they are teenagers! Just short ones! lol)

    And I got a makeover on my blog. Like it Olivia?

  12. Very cute! I would love to see more of their outfits.


  13. My sister and I ALWAYS share our outfits.
    Thank you for doing this.


  14. What denomination of church are you? I am pentecostal.


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