Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awkward and Aweome Thursday

I've seen this kind of post on a couple of blogs and think it's so fun, so if y'all don't mind, I shall indulge...

  • The above picture. It's what I wore today to replenish my vitamin D store. ;) Long denim skirt from earlier this week, green olive t-shirt, purple tank, orange toenails, freckles, and sunglasses.  
  • Wearing such long earrings while jogging that they hit your sunglasses every step.
  • Good-intentioned compliments gone awry. "Your hair reminds me of bread dough!"  Um. Thanks?
  • Driving past kids getting off a school bus, commenting loudly on how pitiful they look, forgetting that your window is down and they can hear you. 
  •  Frog voices. Good news is, I sound like Taylor Swift on the low chords of "Ours". At least, my radio thinks so. 
  • Sitting in your pew waiting for church to start and talking to your neighbors in the pew in front of you about how cows shouldn't give birth uphill. That's obvious to the rest of the world, right? 
  • A random man saying he likes my skirt, "but he'd trip all over it". 
  • Hearing the town sheriff tell his squirrel hunting story in the chiropractor's office.
  • Sun-made tans in February. Mine's slow but sure.
  • Allergy tea. Smells like rotting vegetation, tastes like flat Coke, and works wonders on the seasonal allergies.
  • Bath and Body Work's scented hand sanitizers. Caribbean Escape is my personal favorite. Blueberry pie is a close second.
  • Y'all. Welcome, new friends! You may or may not have figured out by now that I don't have a clue what I'm doing. I'm here to encourage y'all- so please let me know what I can do!
  • Going through old pictures. Remembering how awkward I used to be but how awesome I thought I was. Funny how that works. Thankful for sanctification. :)
  • Lightroom. Seriously makes editing and blogging a breeeeeze.
  • Fresh baked breakfasts every morning, courtesy of my sister Emma. This week has been cinnamon biscuits and pumpkin pancakes. 
I'll hopefully have a legit outfit post tomorrow or Saturday- not much has been going on around here to warrant fussing up! ;)  What's been awkward or awesome about your week?


  1. Where do you get allergy tea from? I'd love to try it!

    1. I make the allergy tea from dry herbs:
      2Tbs of each of the following:
      Red Raspberry Leaf
      Elder flowers
      Red Rooibos
      and Licorice Root
      Put them in a quart jar, fill jar with boiling water, steep for 10 minutes, strain, and chill! To drink, I water this concentrate down by half by the cup. Really has helped me- don't have to take allergy medicine! I'd love to know if it helps anyone else. :)

    2. You're awkward moments are SO awesome. Ha ha! You make me laugh out loud.

      Thanks for the recipe for the tea!!

  2. Hah! These are great!

    Let's see...
    -Having earrings that match perfectly with my outfit.
    -Eating delicious, plump strawberries.
    -Perfume from Bath & Body works{Be Enchanted}, which is my absolute favorite.
    -Great singing at church.
    -Your blog. So awesome! I get so excited when I see you have a new post. :)
    -Friends. They make life even better.

    -Mispronouncing words.
    -Staring at someone trying to figure out what is different about them since last time you saw them.
    -Good- intention-ed comments gone awry{just like you said!}.
    -Re-meeting someone that someone else told you have met before..."Do you remember me? Uh...I think so."
    -Looking at someone, but not knowing what to say. hmmn.
    -Bang flopping in your eyes when you are trying to talk to someone.

    Have a great week!!!
    I'de love to see more of these posts in the future!


  3. So, reading that your sheriff told a squirrel hunting story made me laugh. I live in New England, so we don't get a whole lot of that here. :P

  4. *rolling on floor with laughter* Those are hilarious! (liked the bus one too..he he!)

    Like Verna, I'd like to know about the allergy tea! I get super bad allergies in the Spring, so I'd love to try some if it works! Do you make it, or buy it?
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. Oh, I forgot! I've been meaning to ask you what kind of font you used for the header?

    1. I believe the font is called "Hawaii lover". I found it on like 1001 free fonts .com or something. Just google "free fonts" and about 1001 come up! ;)
      Oh, and I posted the allergy tea ^above^ :)

  6. Does anyone know where I can get a cute but modest skirt, at a good price???

    1. I can't resist, I'm going to link to a store a couple friends of mine keep, with a nice selection of lovely modest homemade skirts!

    2. Thank you very much!

  7. Haha, these are all so awesome!(: my life is generally simultaneously awkward and awesome. :P I try to forget most of the awkward things, getting locked in the bathroom on Easter morning and having to break out so I could get to church. XD

    Haha, and I love the story about the sheriff's squirrel hunting!

  8. Discussing the issues of cows calving on hills is awkward? Sorry... :P Next time just look me straight on and say "How's the frost out on the pumpkin?" Okay? I'll get the message. ;)

    1. I *almost* put that under the "awesome" category, but then thought it might sound even more awkward than putting it under the awkward category! ;) We loved and got a good laugh out of it... unfortunately at the expense of your cow. :/ oh... and for the record, "awkward" isn't necessarily a bad thing. ;)

  9. Haha! Yours made me laugh! Awkward is the story of my life. It happens quite often!

    - My puppies grabbing a 2 year olds scarf off his neck + running off with it this week.
    - Misunderstandings.
    - My mother in law convinced I'm pregnant cause I'm pale + tired. (um, its winter. isn't pale + tired allowed sometimes?)
    - Trying to keep traction on icy sidewalks.
    - Trying to open a mailbox only to realize yours in the next one over.

    - Eating apple cheesecake + coconut cream pie on the same day.
    - Staying at my mom's for the weekend!
    - Long emails from missed friends.
    - My husband texting me when he is in boring meetings.
    - Fresh snow!

  10. I loved how you did the jeans and t-shirt look with a denim skirt! I want to get a bunch of those Arizona t-shirts and wear them with jeans for a practical but cute and feminine, work around the house and farm outfit. Well staying busy and not being bored this week was pretty awesome! And going bakc to dnace on tuesday after not being able to go for 3 weeks was awesome!!!!!!

  11. I love this post! You should do awkward and awesome more frequently! :)

  12. I like this, it's a great idea, I may do it on my blog.


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