Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Took this picture a couple weeks ago while on a walk with my brothers... I tied my hair with my scarf on top of my head and hung my camera from a tree. :P I laughed when I saw the result- can you talk about a classy hair-do? :P While I was taking it, my littlest brother threw our cell phone in a mud puddle.

Time for Awkward and Awesome again!!

  • A life-sized full-color cow statue in the front yard of a house that I pass on the way to town. The house is a dark neon mustard yellow, so I guess it goes with the theme of eccentricness. Wins the random award of the week.
  • A skirt so long you have to hold it up as you walk across the patio (in heels, no less) so it doesn't drag through the chicken... stuff.
  • Eyelashes so long and stiff from mascara that they hit the lenses of your sunglasses every time you blink.
  • When you have to take your boots off at a friend's house and realize your socks don't even remotely match, so you walk on your tiptoes, hoping your extra long jeans cover as much of your feet as possible.
  • When you're trying to look at an iPhone with a group of guys, but you can't see, so you inch closer and accidentally step on one of their toes with your heels that couldn't have possibly hurt them and they make a huge deal out of it.
  • When you're the most "normally" dressed in Whole Foods, even though you're looking not exactly normal yourself. Dressed like I posted earlier this week, in fact.

  • Getting the urge to go jogging before 8am because it's just so incredibly nice outside.
  • Little sisters who say stuff like this:"Livvy, you can do everything! 'sept paint pictures of people on my nails and make gum." :P
  • Travel mugs that let me take my health-food on-the-go!
  • This verse: "God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed." ~2 Corinthians 9:8
  • Wind that blow dries your hair so you don't have to. ;)
  •  Blimey Cow. If you can laugh at relationship problems and are over 15, look 'em up. :D
  • 12 hours left in the day! I'm going to go use them up wisely... I hope! 
Have an awesome Thursday, y'all! Hope to have another blog-able outfit again this week, but we'll see. Not feeling so hot at the moment and I've been studying for a midterm next week...

Just remember- when you get dressed in the morning, make sure you look as cute as a button (never understood that one...) and that Jesus would be proud of you!
What's been awesome or awkward about your week?


  1. My outfit yesterday was the most awkward part of the mother told me on the way to Lenten services that I looked like Grandma Moses. Then I had a slip issue, then I accidentally left my coat pocket unzipped with a zip-loc bag sticking out, which I didn't see till I got home. Haha, I was so mad!
    I love the idea of that cow statue, lol. How weird and random!


  2. Lol I love blimey cow! He is so funny! I love your blog and you are so like me! Thank you so much for all the great clothes ideas! Love you sister in Christ!!!

  3. loving the awkward hair style ;) blimey cow is pretty hilarious, my sister and I quote him all the time and burst out in to uncontrollable laughter :P

  4. I love Blimey Cow!! He is so funny and looks like my brother... which is wierd. my sister and I quote hima ll the time which makes my parent look at us like we are insane! Which is great.


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