Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Tornados

 We have tornado warnings today. We have tornado warnings a lot. It usually just means its really windy and super beautiful outside with all the clouds. At night, it means we lose some sleep. During the day, it means we clean the basement. Our fears aren't exactly unwarranted- about 15? years ago a tornado took down most of the trees in our little valley here (before our house was built), and about a year and a half ago a tornado touched down about a mile and a half from here. We trust in God's provision though. :)

If things start to look super bad, I'll probably change into either a denim skirt or some jeans and real shoes, but until then, I'll be looking like this: :D

 Shirt: Thrift store- it was one of those reeeeeally long flouffy shirts with the awkward band around the bottom. I cut the band off, took in the sides put the band back on a little smaller, and used the extra fabric to fill in the deep cut neckline. :D
Skirt: Made by me at the beginning of my sewing career. My tastes have changed and I let the hem out before I put it on this morning.
Flipflops: Old Navy

Hair today is the "windblown" look. :P

What makes this work? Well, I know what doesn't work with this skirt-- layered tops. It's just too many layers. So, this shirt is perfect- modest without a tank thanks to the altering. :)

If you think of it, say a prayer for those potentially affected by the windy weather today.


  1. I love that shirt!! purple is a really good color on you. You did a great job altering it. those awkward bands never work on me but I might just be able to fix that ;)

  2. I know what it's like to have to clean the basement up when the tornado sirens go off. That' s usually what we do until the warning is over. :) I don't ever remember a tornado coming around here were we live but my mother said that there was a pretty bad one around here when I was really little.
    Your outfit is cute, but it might not be that practical if bad weather comes. :) I hope y'all don't have extremely bad weather. I'll be praying for y'all!
    p.s. How did you make that skirt? It's really cute! :)

  3. I'll be praying!!!!! I hope you all stay safe!!!!! Would you pray for me also? I don't feel good! Just tired and don't have any energy. I think I may be gettin what mom has had. She thinks it is a kind of flu, but it has the symptoms of a cold. I hope I start feeling better because I have to work tomorrow!
    Love, Katie

  4. Guess what. We are in our basement right now (funny how those things go). The sirens were going off while we were in town so we headed home. My friend says that where she lives (which is in a neighboring county) they're having large hail covering the ground like snow. The throne room of heaven is overflowing with prayers today. :)

  5. I love your skirt! It kind of reminds me of a gypsy, haha. I really like the pops of color underneath the brown.
    I have a bunch of shirts with those awkward bands...I always thought they were so cute and bought a bunch, then realized that I hated the fit. I may have to try your refashioning idea!

    I'll remember to keep you all in my prayers. Hopefully no one is affected too badly by the winds.


  6. I was expecting a bike helmet, chest guard, boots to protect your feet, a rain coat possibly and maybe a blanket. But nooooo, my Olivia is dressed in her best and prepared for the pose on the latest news flash. It best to allways be prepared. You go girl!!!

    Love ya,

  7. I remember when you posted about that skirt for the first time and I still like it just as much!!!


  8. I know I should have put this all in one comment but I forgot so you get two:)

    I love what you did to the shirt! sometimes shirts are made so funny I wonder if they fit anyone right.


  9. This outfit's got me oodling. Yes when I found your site I spent some time in your archives so I recognized this skirt, I loved it tons when I first saw it. It looks darling with and without the bows, but I get it how our styles change a bit with time.

    But its the shirt that I have got to say, wow good job! Such a nice fit, so classy and not tight, but pretty pretty pretty. Great neck bend proof modest, and again so pretty. Really clever about taking on and off the band and using the extra for the neck. Modifications are my favorite now that I have less time as a busy mom to sew.

    Love your creativity, your conviction to modesty, and Olivia, you do keep it fresh. BTW, in pic above, tying a button up gives it a total make over. Not sure I can pull it off now as a mom, but its glorious for the young.

  10. Finally! Someone who thinks like me! I am also a stay-at-home-homeschool-graduate, I blog about fashion that is modest, and I am also a Christian. This is wonderful! Please check out my blog. It's The Simpler Life and the blog address is I am so excited about finding this blog!


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