Monday, March 19, 2012

Kews and Ehs #2: Sparkley Bibles, Scaffolding, and BBQ

It's time for another round of Q&As!
  • What church do you go to/ What denomination do you belong to? Or do you go to a non-denominational church?
 My family and I are members of a reformed Presbyterian church which is part of the Covenant Presbyterian Church denomination. We are so thankful for the deep, sound teaching from the pulpit and the one-anothers that are so joyfully lived out among our body. :)
  • and also what Bible do you use? 
Whatever version is closest. :D For my personal Bible, I've switched several times between NASB and ESV. I've memorized things in the NIV, but right now my favorite is NKJV. :) Actually, I asked for this Princess Bible for Christmas because I liked the sparkles. :P :D
  • What would you suggest wearing to the gym?
 Wow, that's tough! I've never actually worked out in a gym, so I can't speak from experience, but I would imagine work out clothes would be appropriate. :D I've seen some cute modest workout clothes online (unfortunately I forget where). When I go running, I wear jeans and whatever shirt I happened to be wearing that day already. At least, that's worked so far this winter. :P I just go running around our property, though, and don't usually meet anyone along the way. If I were going to the gym, I would probably wear my pair of looser fitting knit sweat pants with a stripe down the sides and roll the top so they're not up around my waist (hate that. :P) and so they fit well, but not immodest or sloppily. I would probably wear a tight but modest short sleeved shirt with it, and of course tennis shoes and a cute ponytail. :D Sorry I can't really answer!
  • As someone who wants to get into wearing skirts more frequently, I wonder if you have any tips on how I can wear skirts in everyday life.
Haha- you're asking the right girl! ;) I'm one of those girls who will do everything at least once in a skirt, just to prove it can be done. Climbing on the roof? Climbing scaffolding? Fencing? Jogging? Soccer? Sleeping? Traveling? Flying? Biking? Tractor-ing? Cleaning? Babysitting? Moving/unpacking a house? Painting? All no problem, it just takes a little bit of "awareness."
 ~ Be aware of the length of your skirt for the activity. If you'll be bending and jumping and on your knees a lot, a mid-calf length flowy skirt (like a tiered) is perfect. You don't want to be tripping on it when you stand up, but you don't want it to be too short that you can "see things" when your knees bend. :) Shorter skirts are great for kitchen days because you're mostly standing up.
 Loooong skirts are great for normal activity as long as you learn to hold your skirt up while you ascend the stairs- can't tell you how many times I've tripped over my skirt! It's easy to get in the habit, though. :)
~For activities where your skirt might possibly come up a little (like biking or rock jumping), it's best and comforting to wear leggings underneath. I have a couple pair I got at Walmart that I love.  Also if you're going to be up high and have people possibly looking up your skirt this is great.
~Be aware of the skirt material. If you're hiking through the woods, you won't want to be wearing a sheer, flowy, snag-able material.... although I have done it- I was out playing capture the flag in the dark wearing my skirt that fits that description the best, and went running through thorn bushes... and amazingly came out with only a minimal snag! :P Got caught and sent to jail though. ;)
~Be aware of your "sweep". When you turn, how far out does your skirt wave? When you're painting, this is important to know and be aware of! On the flip side, though, for climbing and running and kicking, you need a skirt with a non-restrictive hemline. Worst thing ever is going to jump over a puddle, but not being able to spread your legs quite over it because your skirt is too tight and landing in the middle of it. :P
That's all I can think of right now- let me know if there's a specific application you're thinking of!
  • What's your favorite meal?
 Tough question! I love love love BBQ and mashed potatoes. :)
  • Do you consider yourself a country girl or a city girl? 
 I used to think I was a city girl, but since actually living in the country, I'm definitely a country girl. :) I love big cities and the conveniences of towns, but when it comes to the daily grind, I'd rather pound my heels in the mud than on the pavement. :)
  • Do you like photography?
Yes! I don't seem to have the gift for it that so many do, but I do enjoy learning about it and attempting to achieve a pleasing picture.
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would love to travel the Italian countryside. Even before I saw "Letters to Juliet" (best movie ever, btw), I have always loved the gorgeous little wine country towns and the excitement Italians seem to have for good food. However, I think I'll try and go to the UK first since so much more history that relates to the church and to America is found there. :)

Well, that's all I have time for today! What are your answers to these questions?


  1. Do you think that girls can't be feminine and modesty while waring jeans or pants.

    1. Yes, most definitely! Skirts are just by default feminine. :)

    2. What are some of your ideas of how to be feminine and modest in jeans or pants.

  2. When I go running, I usually wear athletic pants (the loose-fitting kind with the elastic waist), an active wear tee, tennis shoes, and a messy bun (of course :). If you look around, you can pretty easily find the kind of athletic shirt that is modest (my current workout outfit came from Wal-Mart -- on clearance, too!).

  3. Hmm. My answers to these questions. I've gone to a southern baptist church since about 3rd grade. If I were picking out a church for myself I would choose either a southern baptist or Presbyterian, a reformed presbyterian like you go to would be nice but I looked up their website and there is only one in Ohio and nowhere near us! I like ESV. I want to look into NASB. I like the KJV because the wording is beautiful to read. I've never gone to the gym but if I were I would wear sweats or traditional workout clothes.Probably an Arizona tee. And of course a ponytail or messy bun. On wearing skirts in everyday life. Jean skirts are great if you live on a farm and for sports, hiking, gardening and outdoors stuff. Skirtss made of knits and warmer fabrics are great for winter and wear a pair of leggings underneath for coverage and warmth. In the summer wear a pair of bike shorts underneath for coverage and comfort. Not sure what my favorite meal is but like you said I love BBQ spare ribs and mashed potatoes! I have lived in the country all my life and enjoy it but I think I could get used to city living real fast!! I enjoy photography but Like you said I don't think I have a gift for it. But it's a skill I want to try to develop. I would go to Ireland and Scotland!!!!!

  4. Again, lovely answers. I especially like your advice on wearing skirts on a daily basis. You are quite a girl!!

    Love Letters to Juliet as well. :)

  5. I just filled out your readers survey, then thought to actually track down the answers that you have already given, lo en behold you answered all my questions right here...


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