Monday, March 26, 2012

Kews and Ehs #3: Life's Story

Important questions with long answers today! :P Basically my life's story here, y'all. :D

When did you get into fashion?
I think I’d have to say I got “into” fashion when I discovered QVC and HSN, the shopping channels. :D When I was about 9-13, I would watch the fashion and make-up shows for hours on end, soaking up all the information. :P That’s when I realized how different pieces work with different things and the beauty of mixing styles. I learned what was flattering and what was not, the power of heels, and all sorts of other things. :D I don’t really recommend that for a fashion education anymore, but it sparked an interest in me for pretty, quality, well-done things, although, as you’ll see in my answer to the next question, it took a while to sink in. :) 

Have you always dressed modestly? If not, what made you start dressing modestly? :)
Everyone has a modesty story, don’t they? :) I’ll give y’all the longer version of mine so that hopefully it’ll be an encouragement to those mothers who think their stubborn young daughter will never embrace modesty. :D
 I think I remember being about 7 years old when my mom first told me that I wasn’t allowed to wear “belly shirts”- shirts which were designed to show off my chubby baby midriff. :P I, of course, rebelled and really didn’t understand, but eventually yielded. As I grew rapidly those next few years (I was “fully grown” by age 11 :P) I was given a few rules like “shorts below fingertips, no straps showing, no lines across the front of your shirt”, but beyond that, I had pretty free reign. Except, I didn’t really care how I looked. I would just find handmedowns I liked and I wore sweat pants and cheerleader shorts with my dad’s shirts.  {Yes, I cringe at the thought now. :P} Somewhere around age 12, I started realizing that in order to look pretty, I was going to have to put effort into my appearance. So, I started asking for new clothes and brushing my hair more than once a week. :P My friends and I got into makeup, and I started really enjoying being a girl. Not that I was ever a tomboy (don’t have any brothers to show me what boys do), but I stopped being apathetic to my gender. :) At 13, I noticed guys were noticing me, and that maybe I should figure out what would set me apart from another girl. By 14 when I was introduced to the skirts/modesty for guy’s sake idea, I had developed an awareness of my style, my shape, and the attributes I had that I could play up or down. :D
I’ll admit- I was a bear to try and wrangle into embracing modest clothing. I really didn’t understand (not having brothers didn’t help) what the big deal was. My mom told me I should be saving my body to be looked at only by my future husband. Huh? So? Why? I didn’t get it, plus I thought it was kind of weird. :p 
Those few years in there are a blur now, but, by God’s grace and through many tears and closet cleanings, I came out the other side happy to take up the cause of shouting from the rooftops, “Dress modestly! It’s what good Christian girls do!” without really realizing everything it meant. I started reading biblical womanhood blogs and those helped me figure out what this modesty thing was about. :)
So, to answer the question, “What made you start dressing modestly?”, I would have to say that it was purely God’s providence in my life of bringing across my path articles and blogs and good friends who taught me that God’s children should make Him pleased by what they wear. :) I honestly don’t remember specifics. Wish I would have journaled. :P 

What made you start to wear skirts most every day? Was it totally on your own or did other people influence you to come to that decision? Or was it totally of the Lord?
Another long-ish story here. :D I was a pants-only girl until about age 13 when I decided I liked dressing up a little bit during the week (My parents did make me wear a skirt to church starting around this time), so I would wear a skirt eh, once a week besides Sunday. And sometimes just for fun to homeschool group events and things. My younger sister, Emma, 11 at the time, however, was brought to the conviction that she was going to do as the Bible says and dress like a lady (you know, a man shall not wear a woman’s clothes nor she a man’s) by wearing skirts for an entire year. At first, I thought she was being crazy and legalistic and “holier than thou”, so it made me not want to wear a skirt more often because I was afraid it would seem like I was copying her. However, her attitude through the whole time was nothing but true devotion, kindness, and meekness- after about 7 months she had won me over and I wore a skirt 4 or so days a week. I started to really enjoy feeling like a prissy girl all the time. Living in the suburbs, I could do that. I seriously wore heels and pearls to do the house cleaning, even. :P  
Ages 15-17, I wore skirts 50/50. Since moving to the country two years ago and gaining guy friends and having most of my girl friends wear skirts daily, I’ve also taken to wearing them 90/10, even though I don’t wear heels and pearls to do chores anymore. :D I was surprised how easy it is to make skirts just your way of life, instead of wearing them hebdomadally. :)
Where in Tennessee do you live? It looks so beautiful there!
We live in, as the radio station says, “Southwest middle Tennessee” :D I don’t really want to say what town, for safety reasons, but you’re right, it is so beautiful here! I seriously wake up every morning and think, “Wow, why do I get this view?”

Have you ever considered vlogging on youtube? I think you'd be great! Especially if you ever got into tutorials.
I briefly considered it a little while ago, but right now I just don’t have time or personality for that. :) I do really want to do some hair video tutorials sometime. :P

What other hobbies/activities/interests do you enjoy, other than fashion and blogging?
Well, sewing. :) I’m also “into” Photoshop, minor website design, video editing, carpentry projects (sawdust is my most favoritest smell in the world), interior decorating, visiting friends, organizing, dreaming up new sewing ideas, exercising, and splashing through puddles. :D I’m game for pretty much anything, really. :D

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  1. I would love to see hair tutorials on youtube!
    Love, Katie

    1. Ya, that would be great! Would you?

  2. Love these posts (and you're personality that shines through them)! JSYK :)

  3. Lovely post, as usual! I really enjoyed reading your story about dressing modest! Yes, please do hair tutorials! There are so many times that I have looked at your posts and thought, "she really should do hair tutorials!" All of your hairstyles are so cute!

  4. I loved reading about your "journey" to modesty, Olivia! It's so encouraging to hear others' modesty stories, so thanks for this post. :)

    PS- Sawdust IS a lovely smell.

  5. I also think this was encouraging to read! I myself used to wear skirts all the time, but I slowly started wearing pants more this past year. Reading your blog has made me love skirts again! I wear skirts way more now! I love it!
    Thanks, Hannah

  6. thank you for sharing! these are a lot of fun to read!

  7. thanks for posting your modesty story--it was great to read! && yeah I agree, sawdust is pure awesomeness!! And I'd love to see you do YouTube videos!! That would be so awesome! Maybe a sewing video? For those of us who suck at sewing (namely, me), lol!

  8. Your modesty story is so wonderful and encouraging to read. My sisters (I have two, no brothers) and I went through the same issues, and came to the same conclusion: that we need to dress modestly to the glory of God, and to assist our brothers in Christ in their walk with Him by doing so. My sisters and I now wear skirts the majority of the time, though we used to wear pants practically everyday except Sunday. May the Lord continue to bless you in your walk with Him.


  9. Thanks for sharing!
    It's nice to know that i'm not the only girl in the world who LOVES the smell of sawdust:)

    Have a great day!

  10. Thank you for sharing your answers Olivia! I'm greatly encouraged when I read any of your posts.
    Purity Leigh

  11. Yes, please please! post some hair video's i would love it.
    Thanks so much for doing the blog it's great.

  12. Beautiful modesty story. :D I'm really into hair and make-up styling (thus the fact that I want to be a cosmetologist) So it would be great if you would post tutorials. :D

  13. where did you come across the "skirts/modesty for guys sake" idea? I'm curious because I was raised with the teaching that girls should not wear pants because they are not only revealing but "men's garments" (referring to the verse that says a woman should not put on a man's garment. etc.) But it is getting more rare to find other Christians who actually believe that. Thanks for the encouragement that I'm not the only skirt wearing lady out there!! I am a tom boy and living proof that you can ride bikes, hunt, and play football in a skirt (although leggings underneath are a good idea:)
    I make skirts from jeans and tiered skirts. I'm on Etsy, my shop is ReDreamJean.

    1. I derive that from the verse "You shall not cause a brother to stumble" and "look out for the interests of others", in that we should be considerate not to put a stumbling block before our brother when it is very easy to just change our wardrobe a bit to help him keep his thoughts on the Lord.
      I also totally believe that a woman should not put on men's garments (you don't see me wearing a tie, even though I think they are adorable on girls!), but the jeans I wear I know no guy would want to be seen wearing and the tops I pair with them when I do wear them sufficiently girl-I-fiy my look. :)
      Thanks for the etsy link! Blessings!


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