Thursday, March 22, 2012

Modest March Fashion Week| Day 5

It's raining today and I have a to-do list longer than my arm. :P

Today's "theme" is casual/ comfort clothes. This outfit fits that for a summery, damp day. The kind of day when the neighbor's wet dog jumps on you (bleeech). The kind of day the baby's not dressed until lunch time. The kind of day when you have zucchini for breakfast. And the dishes seem to dirty themselves.

Shirt: JCPenny's
Tank: Ditto^
Skirt: Handmedown
Flip flops: Target? 
Anklets: Walmart
Earrings: Walmart

Hair today is just the crimps from yesterday's weird braid, and then the top pulled loosely back and braided. I used a little invisible gum band to secure it- sometimes a big bulky hair-do-dad can ruin a good look, can't it?

Check out these earrings I got at Walmart yesterday- they have little roses and the leaf says Happily Ever After on the back! And they matched my shirt perfectly. :D I also can't decide if my shirt is pink, purple, or somewhere in between. We just call this the dark pink shirt, but I'm thinking its too purple to be called pink. :P What do you think?

What are your plans for the day? I know it's Thursday, but we're gonna skip the Awk and Awesome post this week... if you had any awkward or awesome stuff happen this week, feel free to share it! :)

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  1. The skirt and shirt combo is very feminine. I definitely need to work on getting out of my normal khakis and polos into some more skirts and dresses.

  2. the earrings are super cute :) i love them! I would call it purple, I have a shirt that same shade and i usually refer to it as pinkinsh- purple ;)

  3. I really like your earring. I think you shtirt looks purple.

  4. I was wondering what your veiws on dating vs. cortship was???

    1. I'll be answering in more detail in a future Q&A post, but I'm definitely more on the courtship than the dating side of the argument... even though I'm not a huge fan of either. :D

    2. Why do you say that your not a huge fan of either? What would you do?

  5. Love the whole outfit, especially the skirt! But I like the shirt too. I like how your tank matches your shirt. I think it is definetely purple! Awesome earrings! I love your hair! I am going to have to try that! Today I am cleaning the computer room, moving all the furniture vacumming, and scrubbing the walls! I need to sort through a box of maps too! Maybe a little sewing later.

  6. I love your blouse. :) So bright and cheery!

    My plans for today-- go pick up the co-op order and then have fun with my siblings tonight while Mom and Dad are on a date. ;)

    Proverbs 16:3

  7. What adorable earrings! I think it's more pink than purple, I believe it's called fuschia (don't quote me on that thought).
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  8. Love the shirt, and as for the color I think I would have called it purple but the more I look at it the less purple it looks:)


    PS I was just reading the anonymous comment above and can't wait to see your answer.

  9. Ditto to all the comments about how nice the shirt is!!!

  10. Totally love the outfit. You've got a very femine and cute style. Please share more idea and i love your sewing blog. So inspired.

  11. This outfit is so nice! I would call that colour purple... i love the style of the shirt!
    That skirt is so cute too... aren't the natural colours so good?! You have so many options with that sort of skirt!
    Oh! those earrings are so adorable!!

    God Bless,
    Emily Grace

  12. I'd call that magenta it's probably the closest if you look it up. :) I've really enjoyed this week and seeing how you pair your outfits. Dressing with style yet not compromising your modesty standards. Thanks for doing this you are an encouragement to many other young ladies!

  13. I believe I would call that color fuschia also. I like the whole outfit!

  14. I really like the color of your shirt!

  15. I know that kind of day TOO well!
    Beautiful outfit by the way! And I agree with the others, I think your shirt colour would be fuschia.

  16. I would call that magenta but until you asked I was content calling it pink. :)

    Like Emily Grace said; that skirt is very versatile. I think I might start keeping an eye out for one in that colour!


  17. I majorly love the simplicity of this outfit! Really girly and cute all the way around. :)

  18. I love the outfit, so cute :)


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