Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday's Tie

It's Tuesday again! Funny, seems like it's Tuesday like, every 7 days or something.. hm. ;)

I voted today! My first time voting in the last election, it was a big deal to my family. Like, my mom even took pictures. This time, nobody thought twice about me just heading down to the little country store by myself to cast my vote on my way to a friend's house. Funny how things change when you grow up. :P

Also taught my writing class today- I have the bestest students ever. :D We have such fun, you'd think it'd be impossible to learn anything. :P

Annnd I watched a friend make soap today. Anybody make their own soap? I'm hoping to get into it soon.

 Button-up shirt: My mom's closet :D
Tank: JCPenny's (do I even need to say that every time anymore? Just assume I'm wearing an Arizona brand tank from Penny's with every outfit. :P)
Skirt: JCPenny's
Shoes: Target- For those who asked to see my shoes yesterday, these are them! Super comfortable.

What makes this outfit work? Well, the shirt is just an easy way to make a not-so-flattering button-up more flattering! Rolled up sleeves definitely help too- I hardly ever leave button up sleeves down unrolled. :P The length of the skirt lets enough leg show (not too much though) so the shoes don't look like duck feet. (know what I'm talking about?) The tank keeps the tied up shirt modest, and it's just a fun outfit! :) 


  1. Super cute, I love the way the button up looks!
    Be sure to follow! :D XD


  2. CUTE outfit, and you are so beautiful! :) I love seeing your outfits, but I would also love to hear a little more about YOU! :)
    God bless!

  3. Cute! I love it! And you look so in shape!!

  4. LOVE THE SHOES!!!! Sperry knock offs are so cute :)


  6. I was just looking at those shoes at Target the other day; I love them in blue!
    Haha, I was so looking forward to voting, then the day came, and I had completely forgotten! So the moment was ruined as I rushed to fill in my ballot! Ah well...


  7. Very Cute! Love the skirt!!!
    Love, Katie

  8. I can't wait to vote! This will be my first election (Presidential Election).
    Cute outfit! I like the "casual/classy" feel of the outfit.
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  9. cute outfit! I love all your ideas!

  10. Did you make your skirt sooooo cute!!!

    1. No, I actually got it at JCPenny's! It was 2 sizes too big (clearance rack) so I did have to take the side in about 2 inches. :)

  11. I have a friend who knows how to make soap. One of these days she'll give me a lesson on how to make it, Lord-willingly. ;) Cute outfit!

  12. I love this outfit! I have that same shirt!


  13. I make Dish,laundry and dishwasher soap. It's SUPER easy and fun!!


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