Thursday, April 26, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

 It's Thursday! The One Skirt|Three Days challenge starts tomorrow! Today I'm wearing my new capris again. Do you ever do that? Wear your new clothes as often as possible? I definitely do.

 These pictures are so bad and awkward, but I figured they'd be perfect for awkward and awesome Thursday!
 I look like I'm trying too hard to model in this one. :)

  This one I look like I'm about 12 years old. 

 And I look like I'm walking with a huge swagger in this one! :P
Shirt: Goodwill (I love it because it doesn't need a tank so it's nice and cool!)
Capris:  Old Navy
Flip Flops: Target

  • When your dad is doing weird electrical and uses the sing-songy phrase "Awwwkwarddd" in totally the wrong way. And you stand there too stunned that your dad sounded like a teenager to correct him.
  • Forgetting your mom's pin # when using her debit card and then calling and asking for it while trying to conceal to the cashier that it's not yours. :P
  • Walking into the Goodwill Outlet store without knowing what it was where all the Goodwill castoffs land in great big bins and they sell shoes by the pound.
  • Going shopping in the mall by yourself in the evening. 'Nuff said.
  • Being of marriageable age as your church is having courtship discussions. 
  • Your mom finding and buying a skirt you donated to the thrift store. 
  • Sister yelling up to you, "Olivia! Daddy needs you to hop in the truck and meet him at the space ship with all the bungee cords and rope you can find! He has a huge load of bamboo and it's blocking the road." Um. whatttt?
  • That moment when you're talking and realize in the middle of your sentence that, yes, you actually are talking and people are listening and wow what are you saying and where am I going with this sentence? so you slow down and have to think through the rest of the words, even though your brain was doing fine on autopilot before. :D 
  • Not having an ID when the cashier at F21 asks for it. I said I didn't have it and she said, "Oh that's fine." and let me buy the shirt anyway. :D  
  • The guest-posters I have lined up for y'all next week since I'll be taking a break from blogging. :) 
  • Michael Buble' on Pandora. It plays the perfect mix of crooner/sappy love/island music/big band music/Colbie Calliat. :)
  • The prayers of friends.
  • Swinging in a friend's hammock reading aloud a theology book with your two year old brother sitting still next to you for a long time. 
  • Mason jars used as cups. Even better when they have handles. 
  • A sister who works so hard all the time and has a smile on her face while she does it. Emma's my hero.
  • Sewing projects that turn out. 
  • Spaghetti squash with olive oil and garlic powder and fresh tomatoes. To. die. for. 

 What's been awkward and awesome about your week?
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  1. Great list! The spaghetti squash sounds good; I'll have to try that some time.

  2. Oh...*chuckles* my mom and I would never donate a skirt and buy it back again...*nervous giggle* too funny! :) Cute outfit! Orange is a good color on you!
    I can't wait for the event to start! I'm borrowing a skirt from my younger sister for the event!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. One of the cutest ones yet. Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Leah Nicolette

  4. YAY!! First one to leave a comment! XD :D One of your older awkward and awesome things was when you take a big bite of food as soon as someone asks you a ?, I can TOTALLY relate to that. :) That happens to me every week.

    1. Woops, maybe I wasn't the first one. :D

  5. I love that orang tunic/mini dress! So totally something I'd wear!

    What's awkward for me is someone calls and asks if it's you or your mom talking.

    When my dad calls, thinks I'm mom and starts talking before I can cut him off and say I'm not mom.

    What's awesome is the weather is warmer and I've been able to wear shorts!

    And that tomorrow is Friday and I'll get to see my friends in our Homeschool group!

  6. Cute!!!!! Love your hair too!!!!!
    Love, Katie

  7. Okay, that is so not fair! The last time I went to F21 I thought "Ok, this time I'm going to be smart like Olivia and not bother to drag my entire purse through the mall for one item!" So I went in with just my card, completely forgetting that some places require an ID. And no, they wouldn't let me buy the item; I had to walk all. the. way. back through the mall and to the parked car to get my license. :/ *jealous*

    1. I'm sorry, but I'm laughing. :p That's really funny. Guess my cashier was nicer... :D

    2. I bet you got a guy cashier. Mine was a girl. Humph.

    3. *grin* Nope, girl. It was late in the evening so maybe she was tired. :) Sorry for your troubles. ;)

  8. I absolutely love the orange shirt! Sadly, that style doesn't look very good on me - but it looks amazing on you! :)

  9. I love that top. Such a nice summery orange shade. I like the little pockets on it too; a cute detail. You're captions made me laugh.

  10. I love the top with those capris. Definitely a winner with me! And yep, I usually wear my new clothes as often as possible. Maybe it's a girl thing? That spaghetti squash sound delicious. Do you think you could post a recipe?

  11. Such a cute outfit! My mom always uses mason jars for cups, and it is so fun!


  12. it's shirts like this that - to me- make it possible to wear pants modestly - when pants are called for. It covers those areas where your eye goes when a person is wearing pants (do your own test to see where your eye falls on varying outfits and you'll see what I mean.) Cute, cute shirt! as are you of course :)

  13. Oh, I love that outfit! :D
    1. Making dinner for the whole family...then remembering that you're sick! :P
    2. Sneezing right as you answer the phone
    3. Falling down in the middle of TJ Max due to a cramp in the arch of my foot
    4. Getting an e-mail that says, "Can't wait for your blog post tomorrow!" and forgetting that you have a blog post about fashion every Friday
    5. Getting a text from a person in Latin....and you don't even know who the person is!

    1. Playing basketball with the entire family! (and almost winning!)
    2. Looking through old photo albums with my Mama
    3. Waking up to chocolate crescent rolls!
    4. Finishing science and grammar for the year!
    5. Going to Chick-fil-a with my wonderful sissy! <3

  14. When I opened this post I was thinking how pretty the pictures were!
    Awkward: being mistaken for a mom just because you are pushing a younger sibling in a stroller. This used to happen to me a lot. :P

  15. Being of marriageable age as your church is having courtship discussions... Been there! That rightfully earned its place on the awkward list!

    Have to say I just recently discovered your blog. I so appreciate the like minded discussion on modesty and great inspiration for designing practical and pretty outfits! And also the fun ideas and tutorials on your sewing blog!

    Thanks so much for the enocouragement!

  16. Oh that colour looks great on you! You are so beautiful!

  17. I was going through your posts and when I came to this one my sister saw the pictures and said "Where did she get that shirt?!" Me: "Goodwill." My sis was a little disappointed. What brand is it?


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