Monday, April 16, 2012

Kews and Ehs #6: Green, Hair, And Goals

Does it get very cold where you live?
Not really. Tennessee has pretty mild winters- average somewhere around 50* I would imagine. I used to live in northern West Virginia (not Virginia, but West Virginia, the hillbilly state. ;), and it was really cold in the winter- snow on the ground from December to March. 
What's your favorite color?

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I love green. It makes me so happy and it definitely feels "fresh"... which y'all know is my favorite word. :D 

What kind of camera do you have?
A Nikon d3100. I have a 50mm 1.8 lens, the standard 18-55mm 5.6 lens, and I think a 80-200mm 5.8 lens. I use the 50mm for almost all my outfit photos. 

What's your favorite thing to buy/make? Clothes, shoes (I guess you couldn't make these-so these go under buy), or accessories?
That's a tough question! Obviously skirts are my favorite thing to make. I have a weakness for fancy shoes, and there's no feeling like wearing a new dress! I also love buying earrings. In the words of a friend in the context of talking about spending money on ourselves, "If I have $4 to spend, I'd rather buy a new pair of earrings that will last for a while than a Starbucks drink that'll be gone before I get home." :D

What are your favorite fashion blogs (or non fashion) to read?
 I'll be honest- although I'm subscribed to 100+ blogs, there are very few that I just *love* and can recommend most of their content. So, I share with you a very short list of highly recommended blogs in no particular order:
Pleasant View Schoolhouse
Empowered Traditionalist
Decked Out In Ruffles
i'm kristen
Bramblewood Fashion
What I Wear, What I Do, and Why I Do It
Ruffles And Stuff

This is by no means an exhaustive list- I do read many others, but these were the ones that first popped into my mind and the ones that I don't *think* will have anything my younger followers shouldn't read. 

Where do you find inspiration for your different hair styles?  I get caught up in the "every day things" and only seem to wear 2 or 3  
Pinterest, of course. :D I love to look at how hair adds/accentuates an outfit and how totally different outfits can look depending on how you do your hair. So, I think of what I want my outfit's "look" to be and try to fix my hair to accomplish that. Braids are my best friend for adding interest and texture... although I wasn't very good at french braiding until sometime last year when I just bit the bullet and practiced every morning, living with however it turned out- gave me good motivation to do it well. :D 
I also try to wear a normal ponytail only once or twice a week- you know I'm having a rough one when you catch me wearing a pony for the third or fourth day. :P

How do you find the time for all this?
Ha! I don't. :P I really don't claim to have this figured out. Sometimes blogging that day means I'll be cleaning the kitchen at 11pm.  My mom asked me to take over managing the house about a month and a half ago while she rests with health-issue fatigue, so my time has been very limited and I've learned many things the hard way. Sleep is often traded in for still-limited sewing time (can't wait to show y'all the skirt I made at 2am Saturday morning! It'll be a few weeks though.), and most of my personal correspondence with y'all is done while fixing food or sweeping the floor. Ebook writing is done before 8am, if I can drag myself out of bed. But, I have an awesome God who sustains and fantastic sisters who often relieve me of my chores so I can blog. That was probably way more than y'all were interested in. :P
Was it your own decision to wear skirts almost 27/4, or is that something your family just does?
It was my own decision, and I wrote about it more here.

How did you learn to alter your clothes?
I just kind of... learned. :P I guess you could say I taught myself out of necessity. I've had my share of mess-ups, but more often than not it is soooo worth giving it a shot!

Have you gone to or are you in college?
No, I haven't gone to college nor do I plan to. I've thought about getting an online degree, but I'm not really the scholarly type and my time and brain is being used in other areas right now.

Do you have any ambitions or goals for your life?
 Besides being sanctified, I pray I will be able to help raise up another generation of people who are truly passionate about their Savior and allow Christ to rule in all areas of their lives, impacting the community around me in the process.

Is there anything you really want to do before you get married?
Wow, what a question! Thinking about everything on my "bucket list", I don't think there's anything that I couldn't do after marriage. I am trying to be deliberate about spending time and having adventures with my siblings, though, because I know that it might be different after marriage.

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  1. Loved your answers! I will definetely be checking out those blogs!
    Love, Katie

  2. You answered all these questions really well. My favorite color is also green. It is my main theme for my room.


  3. Love the green. I too have root in Northern West Va. in a small town I am sure no one has heard of unless you've been there or had to drive thru it. And life some how planted me in TN too! Love visiting the blog. Always uplifted and encouraged. Thanks! ~Lexi~

  4. I usually love your Q&As, but this post made me kind of sad. Your only goal is raising kids? And I'm sure your family is very grateful for your help right now, but running your mom's household shouldn't be your long-term solo responsibility. I guess it's just that these are the exact same answers I've seen on lots of "stay-at-home daughter" sites, and your blog usually has a lot more individuality than that.

    Still, I realize bloggers need to keep some aspects of their lives offline for privacy, so I'm hoping you have more aspirations that you're just not revealing here.

    1. Cool, thanks for clarifying. :) Sorry if I sounded insensitive; I was trying to think how to phrase that comment well and I'm not sure I totally succeeded. I hope your mom gets much better soon.

    2. Whoooooops. I tried to edit my previous reply comment to you, Sarah, because I felt like I wasn't very gracious and ended up accidentally deleting it. :P I'll try and recreate it though...

      No, my only goal is not to raise my own kids, although that will probably be a big part of my life, nor do I plan to put my worth in how they "turn out". I guess I wasn't very clear above. My ultimate purpose in life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, and the way I see that working out is by becoming a mother like Paul talks about in 1 Thessalonians 2 when he's saying that he was like a father to the Thessalonians because of his care of them, "For you know that we dealt with each of you as a father deals with his own children, encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into His kingdom and glory."
      My joyful hope is to invest in those who will "carry the torch" after me, whether I have by-birth or just spiritual "children", while also impacting and furthering God's glory in the community around me.

      As far as running the house, we are praying hard and doing everything we can to get my mom back on her feet and doing things again. I'm just taking this opportunity to learn while it's here.

      I, of course, have other things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime (like traveling and such) but prefer to keep it to myself for the time being, like you said. :)


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