Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pink Skies And Raw Eggs

 Mixing prints! I love doing it, but I don't have that many prints that the proportions work together well. :P 
Shirt: Thrift store, altered
Tank: Penny's
Skirt: Made by me
Earrings: Walmart

It's Thursday!!
  • A fool-less April Fool's Day. Seriously, nothing happened, and I've sworn off jokes for a while... so. It was lame.
  • Showing up at your neighbor's door at 9:15 pm and asking to dig through their trash for something you needed. 
  • Sunglare. Standing talking to someone with the goofiest cringe on your face.
  • Napping with your apron on. 
  • Having to ask someone for the time when you're at the mall. Seriously, who asks for the time anymore? 
  • Taking your baby brother to co-op class with you.
  • That moment when someone asks you a question just as you put a big bite of food in your mouth, so you sit there for an eternity chewing until you can swallow and speak. 
  • Big mailboxes, and mailmen who will stuff them to their greatest potential so your arms are tired by the time you get home from carrying all the packages and mail. :P 

  • Walking the distance to the mailbox with a pink sky overhead, your chubby brother nuzzled against your shoulder, and the fresh air hinted with the scent of the letter you're carrying.
  • Getting the floor scrubbed before everyone wakes up in the morning.
  • Being able to eat cheese again. I hadn't had any for a month. 
  • New fabric!! One of those packages I carried home was almost 7lbs of denim!
  • Laughing over the Guinness Book of World Records with my sisters when we should be sleeping. "Most Concrete Blocks Broken While Holding A Raw Egg" Okkkaaay? Speaking of raw egg...
  • Fresh Raspberry Ice Cream. Seriously delicious.
  • Larkrise to Candleford. Sad it's over. 
  • Nashville Public Radio. I've learned so much just listening to it when I'm darting about in the car.
What's been awkward or awesome about your week? Are you a fan of mixing prints or not so much?

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  1. Cute! I'm a bit ski-dish when it comes to pattern mixing! I like crazy things, but sometimes my "please people" voice inside my head says, ummm...what are you doing?! (working on it!)
    Aside from pattern mixing, I'm pretty outgoing when it comes to clothes. My mom and sisters have said pretty similar things to what you've mentioned about your family's comments on your clothes. :) Everything from, "That looks like something a 60 year old would've worn in her teens, to "ugh! That's ugly!" Oh well...gotta love 'em!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Haha, yeah, when I walked downstairs this morning my mom's comment was, "Well, THAT'S interesting." :P If more than 3 people say it's ugly, I usually change. ;) My mom did come around upon closer inspection, though. :D

  2. Cute! I liked mixed prints when it is done well obviously. And yours is done well in my opinion. However, I can't remember having tried it myself. I have an interview today. My supervisor retired a few weeks ago so I am applying for her position. So that is awesome and awkward at the same time. So please pray for that!
    Love, Katie

  3. Hmmmm I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to mix prints.
    But I do love both pieces separately!


  4. I don't usually mix prints because I don't have a lot of prints. Most of my clothes are soooooo plain. I'm slowly trying to change that though.

    Awkward - definitely not having an April's Fools Day joke played on me. It's was so strange!
    Awesome - My grandmother bought me an awesome pair of shoes this week! I just hope they're here in time for me to wear them Easter (which is the reason she bought them).

  5. curious how you altered the shirt? cute - and I wouldn't have mixed these - but why not? You make it look fun.

    1. The word, "Altered" above has this link to my sewing blog were I altered the shirt:

  6. I love the look of stripes and florals together.(: haha. And that awkward moment where a person asks you a question right as you put a huge bite in your mouth? It happens too often to me!


  7. I have never mixed prints before (unless the print on the top or bottom was SO faint that you could barely see it). The reason being that my mom has also taught me this motto "Design on top, better stop." So, I've never done any mixing. I usually like to do solids with a bright, fun pattern because it makes the pattern pop. But with the solids you can pick colors that will help either subdue the different tones in the design print, or you can make the more subtle colors pop out more.

    Awkward for me was definitely not doing anything on April Fool's day. We normally play some kind of trick on each other. Or else we kids 'gang up' against Mom and Dad. :) Also something awkward was having a couple of boys laugh at me while at the grocery store. Awkward because I don't know what they were laughing at. Maybe I had feathers in my hair or something... ;)

    Awesome because we took the ducks, goslings, and chicks outside today for some fresh air. Then we had a pan of water so the ducks and goslings could play around. They definitely enjoyed it! And I enjoyed watching them while my puppy came up and snuggled with me. :)

  8. Ha ha! Love the awkward and awesome posts. And your outfit is so pretty! I'm not usually brave enough to mix prints. My sis is the champ though.
    We love Lark Rise to Candleford too. It's so sad when it's over!! But then, we just started them from the beginning again. Minnie and Alfie make us smile. :)

  9. Awkward: Trying to do biology, on the trampoline, and watch my lil' bro be amazing.

    Disclaimer: Do Not Try this at home. Seasickness may accur!

    Awesome: My amazing supportive family and being encouraged by your amazing blog!

    Keep up the good work!

    To God be the glory!

  10. Very interesting outfit! I have a dear cousin who just excessively enjoys mixing patterns together! I must say that she sometimes goes a little too much over the top, but she loves it when I shake my head at her and say, "Only you could pull that off!"
    I prefer to don with solids on the bottom and a patterned shirt on top, or vice versa. I fear that I am too much a perfectionist and combining designs aren't as easy for me to accomplish (mostly, because it would bother me too much)! :)

  11. I love Larkrise to Candle ford. Catherine quotes all the characters: Alf, Minnie, Laura, Robert, Emma, Twister, Queenie, Pearl and Ruby and certainly Miss Lane. :) cute outfit btw! i almost did that a few days ago. I had a striped shirt alot like that, and a polka dot skirt. Maybe I should have worn it. :P


  12. Love your pattern mixing! Cute. :-) Your hair looks beautiful btw...! You should wear it down more often! :-)

  13. I found your blog through "Beloved Star" and I absolutely love it! Your outfits are so fashionable yet modest, which is awesome!

  14. I don't think I actually have any print bottoms! My mom is always trying to get me to wear plaid shorts, but, yea...
    Awkward: Asking an elder in your church to help you play an April Fool's Day joke on your parents and him looking at you as if for the first time. (He backed out a few days later:( )
    Awesome: Getting my first real job!


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