Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Purple Day {Written by Emma, impersonating Olivia}

{Emma kindly took over writing this post for me while I had to tend to my chocolate truffles. :D I think she did a fairly good job sounding like me...}

I don't feel like I accomplished anything in the early part of the day, so I'm staying up late and making up for it. :P This is what I wore to play with kids and wash the van.

 You see these pallets? Well, they make really nice, country cottage shelves when cut right. :)

Shirt: Walmart-- $3!
Skirt: Made by me
Flip-flops: Old Navy
Anklets: Walmart
Earrings: Gift
Hair: Pulled back in two hair bands and then connected in the back by another one.

My Dad today said that if he were a girl he would paint his nails the color of my shirt with white hearts... thanks? :D Today also held learning what spark plugs are called in French and chatting with the neighbors' guests while my sister had fiddle lessons. And cooking sausages, meatballs, and taco meat. 12 lbs of beef to be exact.

Do you know how to pronounce the term for spark plugs in French?

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  1. Hi Emma, you did a lovely job. :)

    Ha ha! Your dad sounds like a funny guy. Love your skirt!

  2. Cute! Emma did do a good job impersonating you! I could tell it wasn't you but I probably wouldn't have been able to had you not told us it was her! I like the shirt! I would love to see a picture of the bakc of your hair next time you do it that way!
    Love, Katie

  3. So cute! You did a lovely job making the skirt. I probably wouldn't be able to make one altogether.


  4. Cute shirt! I would love to see a finished picture of your shelves.


  5. Emma did a good job impersonating you! I love your outfit. I can't believe you found that shirt for only $3! I never seem to be able to find cute things like that for that kind of money.
    Have a blessed week!

  6. To pronounce spark plugs in French, you say "sparkesse plugesse" (pronounced sparkace ploogace) :)

  7. You say "bougies" (french traduction for spark plugs).Pronounced boojee ;) From one of your french reader !


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