Friday, May 18, 2012

Cotton Dresses

 This dress was my second ever sewing project. First by myself. (well, okay, my best friend sat there and ripped out my seams for me... :P)

It deeefinitely has it's quirks. And it's gone through phases. But, 6 years later, it's still worn 3 times a month at least. I may have even blogged it before. Lemme know if I have. :P

Dress: Made by me
Underskirt: Thrift store
Feather Earrings: Forever21
Flip flops: Target

 Works awesome for an around-the-house dress. Cool and summery. Durable. Easy. :)

I'm off to clean up before my sister's (and like 5 other good friends') piano recital tonight. :) Have an awesome Friday night! There promises to be ice cream in my evening's future. ;)
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  1. I absolutely love it. The color, style, modesty...everything!

    Thanks for having such an encouraging blog!

  2. I'm super jealous of your sewing abilities! I've always wanted to make my own clothes, however my projects always end up in heaps..oh well! I guess I should try again sometime. Hmm...
    Anyway..I LOVE the dress! The color is perfect on you!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Super cute! The color looks great on you! I generally try to forget my first sewing projects...none of them turned out as cute as this!


  4. I love it!!

    You might not realize this but.....
    You are a huge inspiration to me and I just started a blog and I was wondering...could ya check it out?
    I would mean a lot to me if you did!! :)


  5. I have to agree with Talia the color, style, and modesty of the dress is a big thumbs up.

  6. Lovin the dress! Pink! My favorite color!!! :) I would love to make one like it! Did you use any special pattern or tutorial?

  7. So Cute and feminine! I love how it is simple yet so lovely! What pattern did you use, if you can remember?
    Love, Katie

  8. That is such a pretty dress! So cute, modest and looked simple!

  9. That's really adorable. :)

  10. I LOVE that dress! Do you happen to remember what pattern you used?????

  11. That is an adorable dress! Really cute!

  12. Hi! That color really suits you! That is one of my favorite dress swirls when you spin! Do you know what dress pattern, if any, you used? I'd love to make it too..Thanks for your blog!

  13. I used this pattern: , view E,
    but had to take it in like 6" around my middle, even though I made my size. :P I've used this pattern as a base for my own drafted/combo fancy dresses. :)
    Thanks for your compliments! The dress has had the zipper re-done at least 5 times. :P My sister even said, "hm, you managed to make it look much better in the pictures than it does in real life!" so, don't think my sewing skills were too awesome. ;)

  14. Adorable X the simplicity, the femininity, the fact it looks a little worn says house dress rather than Sunday dress, priceless black and white w/ the watering can and braids... love that you wear it still 3 times a month and even when it looks better in pics than real life. You are a cutie, and this dress says sweet heart all over it. Oh and love the underskirt what a great idea, adds a lot. I am curious what that skirt looks like I have to try that layering thing on the bottom sometime. Its not a slip, right?

    1. Emily, the skirt I wore underneath is this one:
      A tiered linen one. In the post I just linked I wore it with a cotton lace slip underneath, but for this dress it's just the linen skirt. :)

  15. Cute dress. I really like that color on you.

  16. Very cute dress and the colour is really nice. I was going to ask you what pattern you used but you've already shared that. :) Thanks!


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