Friday, May 25, 2012


or otherwise known as "wear something you're not planning on wearing for the rest of the week so I can wash all our laundry today". ;p

This shirt has been around for ages, and still gets worn about every other week. I nearly threw it out when we moved because it was too small for me then, but I'm glad I didn't. Since it's been worn by my sisters so much, it's stretched out and fits modestly now. :P I wore it with a denim skirt in this post.

 The skirt y'all saw recently on this post and I think we all agreed maxi skirts are da.bomb. ;)

Shirt: Handmedown from 9 years ago. :P
Tank: JCP
Skirt: Goodwill
Headband: Gift of my sister's ;) I think it's supposed to be a belt. 
Earrings: Gift

What makes this outfit work? Well, the skirt is slimming, but big, so the fitted shirt keeps it simple. Skirt is also plain, so the print on the bottom of the shirt gives the outfit interest. The placement of the print emphasizes the smallest part of my figure. My hair is out of control today, so braids fix that. Headband brings the outfit a little pizazz, but its simple and easy for a casual Friday. :)

Hope your weather is as sunshiney as it is here! Now to get to that laundry...

 Linking up to Feminine Friday today!

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  1. Love your outfit! I just love the long maxi skirts so much. They are so comfortable and surprisingly cool in the summer. I really like your top as well, very cute! I like that you always show how you can make an item of clothing, that if by itself would be immodest, become modest just my layering. You are such a stylish young lady and a great example to others (even us older ladies can get ideas from you on how to look cute and stylish). Thanks for joining in Feminine Friday this week!


  2. Ooh, how very pretty. I like the color scheme in this one.

    And you're right. Maxi skirts ARE da bomb.

  3. Cute! Love the shirt and headband!
    Love, Katie

  4. So cute! I love maxi dresses. :) your headband is adorable!!
    Lizzy <3

  5. JMJ
    Love,love,LOVE, your outfit!!!!! :)
    Thanks for spreading inspiration.
    In Christ,

  6. I'm wearing the skirt in grey right now :) and I just ordered it online in black and navy blue on sale for $14!!! So everyone go check out

  7. LOVE maxi skirts! Cute outfit, in my opinion, you can't go wrong with earth tones!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:
    Ps: Have you entered my eShakti giveaway? Please forgive me if you did and I don't remember Olivia!

  8. omgoodness!! that is awesome! You make me jealous, you get all the cool clothes! BTW I'm wondering if you would do a guest post on my blog.


  9. Very cute outfit. The top goes very well with the skirt, and I like the addition of the headband.

  10. Love the look...and the "belt-headband" is gorgeous, LOL! Great job pulling together a sweet look :-)


  11. Such a cool, comfy looking outfit... but still so stylish! That headband is cute :)

    Well, it is about snowing here in Australia... hmmm not sun; so SAD!!

    Anyway... enjoy your sun to the full Olivia!

    Love and Blessings,
    Emily xo

  12. Just wandering if your Dad has given any guide lines on modesty or if you dress to your own convictions?

  13. I´m glad I found you because your blog is awesome!
    xx =P

  14. LOVE the Skirt!

    Grace P.


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