Friday, May 4, 2012

Guest Post | Madeline: Flame In The Darkness

Hey there y'all! I'm Madeline from over at Flame in the Darkness where I post about my love for Christ, my passion for photography, and occasionally (Olivia tells me hardly enough) my outfits. Olivia and I met in a super pretty restroom//sitting room at a hotel in Ohio where we were both attending a conference, I think we talked for at least an hour where we missed a session and discovered that we had similar interests. I chat with her on gmail almost every day ;) and we bounce lots of sewing ideas off each other! Thanks Olivia for asking me to guest post. :)

I'm not exactly sure how to describe my style. I love 70's inspired// hippie//vintage//girly//hipster. I have a love for all things striped, maxi skirts, headbands and TOMs. You could see me one day in a pair of American Eagle artist jeans, the next in a tunic and leggings and the next in a knit maxi and crop top. I get a lot of inspiration from pinterest. {i think that goes without saying} 

Crop top//Aerie
Tanks// Aerie and Nordstrom
Necklace//Lil Blue Boo
Bracelet// Florida- gift from Kiley
because of a foot problem I have, I can't really wear flip- flops because I really need more support, but that doesn't mean that I need to wear tennis shoes :P TOMs are honestly my favorite shoes because they are so incredibly versatile, comfortable, cute and look good with both skirts and pants. they are definitely worth every penny! I bought my first pair last december and I only have wished I would have bought them sooner!
Lately I have really been loving the loose crop top. its perfect for spring and summer and the look can be completely changed depending on what tank you layer under it. They look great with skirts and pants alike and are usually pretty modest. beware of super wide necklines. this one is borderline and almost falls off my shoulder sometimes so I usually wear my hair down. the stripes are my favorite though. :)

~*~ | ~*~ | ~*~ | ~*~
 Thanks so much Madeline! Isn't this outfit adorable? I definitely encourage you all to follow Madeline's blog. :) The loose crop look is such a great trend. :) What do you think?


  1. CUTE! :) I've been trying to wear those type of shirts and they just dont look that great on me! :) but i think I'll try it again the way you/she said! :)
    just out of curiosity -- what conference?
    is it the ATI one? (Advanced Training Institue)

    1. It was a Christians at the Crossroads conference put on by the Botkin family

    2. oh okay! Ive heard of them --- cool :)

  2. Love the crop top trend!

  3. Nice guest post! Thanks for sharing ladies!
    ^Narnia bookmark giveaway going on here until May ninth!^

  4. Love the outfit. The colors go so well together.

  5. Love this outfit! I have a crop top, but haven't worn it yet:| All the colors go so well together and the outfit is modest!

    Kianna Rose
    P.s. TOMS are the next item in my would-like list:)

  6. Super cute! I'm definitely going to check out your blog, Madeline!


  7. Love the outfit! It's way too cute! I especially love the bracelet :)


  8. What a fun way that the two of you met! I love unique stories such as that. Great post too!

    Missy from

  9. Love that outfit!!! Really really cute stylish and modest all together:-)

    Have a blessed day,

  10. Hello!
    I have one question: Does Madaline wear a purity ring? I have one aswell - my friends thought I was engaged!!!! As I am fourteen and this isn't the Tudor times {sorry, first time period that comes into my head!}I would be a little too young, don't you think?
    Oliva, please visit me on my blog!
    Lots of love and hugs,
    Sararose xox



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