Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's Thursday Again!!

Old picture, but I still love it. So happy it turned out because I was using the timer, and anyone who has tried to focus with a DSLR on a timer knows how hard it can be. :P

  • Dancing. I love it, but to talk or not talk? Eye contact or no eye contact? Could-come-across-as-flirty-smile or could-look-bored-normal face? I usually get myself into trouble by erring on the side of friendly. :P Plus, why does a dance have to be called the Physical Snob?
  • Those first couple seconds when you are meeting someone new. 
  • Filling would-be silences with random, meaningless, fast talking so as to avoid awkwardness when talking to guys you have a hunch might "like" you. And then realizing it could come across as flirting so you stop talking and start frowning and then you're stuck with the awkward silence again. :P 
  • Literally bumping into your neighbor on the road in your trucks and him asking over and over, "Are you sure you're alright!?!" and you saying over and over, "Yes, I'm fine!" but not being able to smile a reassuring smile because you have fresh-picked strawberries in your teeth. 
  •  Running through Aldi trying to get to a movie on time so you just chuck frozen salmon over your shoulder into the cart. So what if it looked weird to the old guy in bicycle shorts? The feeling's mutual.
  • Having 143 profile pictures on facebook. I did the calcs, and that's 1 for every 7 days since I've joined. o.O
  • Mothers match-making. Enough said.
  •  When your dad thanks you for burning dinner because it made him all the more thankful for the non-burned meals he usually gets. :P
  • Having enough time to get a half-priced frap from Starbucks because you rushed though Aldi. :D
  • A fun dancing partner. Hand clap dances that leave your hands tingling because of slapping each other so hard. I might have tried to slap his face while I was at it. Too bad he was too tall.
  • Hearing how your mom fell in love with your dad. 
  • Washing fresh laid eggs with tractor grease on your hands. Country life epitomized.
  • The Avengers. 'Twas really good, and fairly clean. 
  • The events, large and small that God uses to bring you closer to Him. From a 14 hour trip straight north to the dishwasher leaking, it all has a purpose. 
  • That our garage didn't burn down while we were gone. We had 70 chicks in a brooder and it caught fire and burned the brooder to the ground and the side of a desk and the wall, melted the inside of the garage door and some bike tires,  and obviously roasted all the little chicks, but we are *so* thankful that it didn't cause much damage at all, and no visible damage from the outside. Our fire-fighter friend who came to the scene said he's not sure how it couldn't have not burned more than it did. (how's that for a run-on sentence?) God is good.
What's been awkward and awesome in your week? I always love hearing yours. :D

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  1. JMJ
    You are so funny, Olivia! :)
    Awesome is being almost finished with school!
    I love reading your blog.
    In Christ,

  2. Awkward:
    TOTALLY messing up a sentence and it comes out really....awkwardly.
    Shopping in Kohl's and saying something (quite loudly) about old grandma shoes, then turning a corner and seeing a grandma stare at you.
    Accidentally putting a heart emoticon at the bottom of an e-mail that you did NOT mean to...
    Trying to get out of the car and getting my skirt stuck on the seat and falling out right in front of this dude...

    Being on summer break!!! <3
    Doing my Iowa test in one day!!
    Cherry Pepsi. :)
    Chatting with best friends on Gmail.
    Sitting outside in the sun working on my tan and reading a book.

    I love that picture Olivia! I want to be a photographer...and it rocked my socks! ;)

  3. haha, oh, eye contact for sure! It's not flirty--it's ECD etiquette. :)

    I love that picture of you, btw.

  4. I just laughed at this post!! This sounds like my life to a t. :) And mothers who match make? I feel your pain. My mother has decided that I would be a good match with a certain guy that we know. I just laughed and told her it wasn't going to happen. lol Oh my goodness! I am so glad that your garage is ok! Poor chicks. :( God is good.

  5. Haha! I always love these posts...mainly because your awkward things are things that would/have happened to me. =P Gotta love the slapping hands one!!! =D

    For my week...
    *When you read a book and you say "Wow" out loud, because it feels like the authors are talking directly to you. Um, can they read my mind?
    *That moment when you want to talk to someone, but you don't know what to say.
    *Having a huge birthday gift to carry around after church.
    *Answering the phone, and not being able to recognize who it is. Hmmn...someone from church? a friend? someone from our old church? family?

    *So many birthday notes, emails, and phone calls.
    *Maxi dresses and skirts. So comfy!
    *Sewing projects that turn out perfect. Yay!

    Have a wonderful day, Olivia!

  6. That is a lot of profile pictures. :-) I understand your dancing dilemma. We don't have many dances here in the midwest though, so I think the awkwardness is worth it. :-)

  7. love these posts! you can be so grateful about the fire -- that is a miracle! when we first began our farming adventures we had brooding chicks in our huge barn and woke up at 2am to find it a ball of fire. Not sure exactly how it was started but it was traced to the chicks! blessings!

  8. I love your awesome and awkward posts! You always seem to have such an interesting week :) And that picture at the top is beautiful, so I can see why you used it :)

    Say x

  9. Yes this was quite entertaining to read and made me smile! I know what you mean by not being sure to be friendly or frown when you are dancing with a guy you don't know. You don't want to appear to be flirting and not bored either. its a strange balance! :)
    The picture is beautiful! Coodos to you for doing with self timer!
    In Christ,

  10. Ever since we started doing ECD 4-5 years ago Mr. Tomlinson has tried to encourage us to conversse wall dancing! However we rarely do! You're not really with anyone long enough to have a converstation besides your partner. Do you remember jamaica and the galopede? Those hav ahdn claps that leave your hands burning? So what brought on the dancing references? Did you guys have a dance? Grocery shopping in highheels today. Not sure if that's awakward or awesome. Both I guess but leaning towards awesome. Scored a purse at walmart today! I've been look for one that I thing will go with most colors. This I think will work. It is black with white stars. I also scored some pretty new hair clips and barrettes!
    Love, Katie

    1. Yeah, for many ECD the steps make it hard talk, but some of the most interesting conversations I've had have been while dancing. :D There was a dance at presbytery, thus the dancing moments. :)
      Yay for deals and new things! :) <3

  11. Your awkward and awesome posts make me laugh!!!
    Awkward: trying to figure out a person's eye color and they catch you staring at them.
    Awesome: Coming home to find a letter in the mail from a grand friend!!!

  12. *laugh* This post definitely made me laugh. :) Especially since three of the awkward ones I completely relate to...

  13. I can definitely relate to the hearing how mom fell in love with dad because I love it when my mom tells me stories about when they were first going out and when they got engaged and all that (:

  14. I really, really love these posts!! I might think about doing one sometime... And my mom match-making? It's so awkward, especially when my little siblings are around...


  15. That is the coolest picture I have ever seen!! :) The awesome and awkward post always make me laugh! :D

  16. I love ECD! And I have danced the Physical Snob before!!! I normally don't try to hold eye contact unless I know the guy really well... I hate it when the guy is like trying to look you in the eyes though... even when you aren't... awkward! :P

  17. Okay, for the record, I'm not sure Olivia was referring to me in particular, but moms in general. Plus, when I do match-make, I do it for others, not Olivia :-) I only match-make for Olivia in my head :-) "Match-maker, match-maker, make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch." :-)

    Olivia's mom

    1. Ha ha! Love it. I can tell that Olivia has a wonderful mother! Happy Mothers Day!
      Love that song too. "He's handsome, he's tall...that is from side to side.."


  18. I always enjoy your Awkward and Awesome Thursday posts. :)
    It's okay - I have 266 profile pictures, about one for every 4.6 days that I have had a Facebook - and that's with deleting a few!

  19. Love these posts!
    What was awkward about my day was to have a lady cashier in the grocery store, who I have seen a few times, greet me like her lost daughter or something! She gave me a hug and everything. That was VERY awkward! Thanks for the fun post!

  20. Hahaha! I love your third point under "Awkward", it's nice to know I'm not the only one that does that. :)

  21. LOLOLOLOL! You make me laugh Olivia! I know what you're talking about with dancing... what does one do?!

    PS: absolutely love the photo, and the outfit you are wearing.

  22. LoL! Me and my dad got half price frappes on my birthday! I got the mocha cookie crumble. What frappe did you get?

  23. At the Homeschool INCH conference, there was Celtic dancing, well, I always end up emabarrasing myeslf around guys, but this time I was determined not too........ Didn't end so well, I ended up tripping over my own feet while dancing, and calling the guy I met Tom, instead of Luke..... Talk about making a memory.


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