Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kews and Ehs #10: Proselytizing and Figure Flaws

What kind of music do you listen to?
There are very few styles of music I don't like. I love hymns, CCM (Christian Contemporary Music), country, pop, oldies, crooners, --I'm not even against Christian rap. :D I prefer stuff with lyrics, and clever lyrics are even better. :) Can't stand bagpipes though. 

I saw that you visited Holland; (?) How old were you at the time, and what was it for?
I was a month or two shy of my 16th birthday when I went as a birthday gift from my grandfather.  We stayed a week in Paris and then drove up to Holland to cheer my aunt on in the World Triathlon. :)

What is your daily skin routine? 
Umm... I don't have one? I wash my face in the shower every other day or so and if my face is particularly greasy on a no-shower day I'll wipe the oils off with a dry towel. I don't wash my make-up off at night because it's usually pretty well rubbed off by the end of the day and I'd rather not pull and stretch the skin particularly around my eyes any more than I need to to avoid baggy eyes later in life. :P
 I try to touch my face as little as possible to keep dirt and grime from clogging my pores. When I do have pimples that I want to go away quickly, I press a super hot wash cloth on the pimple a couple times a day to dry it out and sometimes witch hazel. The only time I've picked a pimple I got a scar from it, so I avoid even accidentally brushing them off like the plague. :D If my face is feeling dry from a sunburn, I'll use a face moisturizer. And the rest of my skin I apply natural lotion to after every shower. annnd... I think that's about it! I'm very thankful for my easy-care skin. :)

Is your church/are you into proselytizing?
I'll be honest, I had to ask what that meant. :P says it means:
1. To induce someone to convert to one's own religious faith.

In this age of acceptance and tolerance, I suppose it is looked down upon to believe there is only one way to heaven. That there is only one Savior. That you must believe in the God of the Bible. But, it's true, and I have faith that one day every knee will bow.
Until that day, I'll be living with the hope of showing God's grace and mercy to others through example and practical ministry. You won't see me on the street corner with a Bible preaching, though. That may be fine for others' (see, I am tolerant. ;), but I am a big believer in not just conversion, but sanctification and growth. There's a saying that goes, "What you win them with is what you win them to". If you win them with a billboard, you'll win them to a billboard faith. If you win them with good music, you'll win them to good music driven faith. There are always exceptions, and this is a major oversimplification and generalization, but still. I would like to win them with a gospel-centered life, so they will be won to a gospel-centered life. No guilt-tripping, no miraculous healings, no propaganda tactics. Just practical ministry (meals, smiles, service, monetary help) showing the love of Christ that is in us, and letting the Holy Spirit move.

Do you play a musical instrument?
I played piano for about 3 years, but I haven't had time to practice for a long time. :-/

Have you ever taken any kind of lessons (music, dance, sewing, etc)?
I've taken English Country Dancing classes, gymnastics, and a couple different kinds of classes (speech, folk dancing, ballet) over the years. :)

Have you ever considered learning some form of needlework (embroidery, cross-stitch, knitting, etc.)?
Yes, and I've tried to get into all of those, but sewing with a machine is so much faster. I'm not exactly a girl who has lots of time to sit and do handwork, although I would love to be. 

 Have you ever made a quilt?
Yes! I made my sister one when she was born 5 years ago. And then I made her another for her first Christmas. :) Again, I'd love to do more of it, but I just don't have time.

How do you cover (or disguise) figure irregularities? Or do you even try to disguise them?
Oh, I try to disguise them! I know everyone has them, but I still try to downplay mine. :)  For example, one of my shoulders is 1.5" higher than the other (gymnastics accident. :P) and I can look really crooked sometimes. You might notice I don't wear a lot of empire waist shirts/dresses; its because that style really emphasizes this irregularity.
And while I'm talking about my flaws, ha, my thighs also have a weird unflattering bump that is really emphasized by straight skirts, so I don't wear those often. :)
So, there are always ways to disguise less-flattering areas. :)

When I bring up the subject of modesty a lot of girls will shrug it off and say that it's a heart issue (because they don't really want to talk about it). How would you respond to that statement?
Well, first of all, I try and listen to their points and realize I'm the same way, maybe in different areas, but I'm just as sinful. I've never actually had to deal with this situation, but I would probably encourage them (maybe in a different context) to just think about ways they might be causing others to stumble. Often times when I am trying to encourage someone to do the right thing without hurting their feelings, I go about it through the backdoor and encourage something else that spills over to the area I'm concerned about. :) Encouraging modesty through words is a hard thing to do.

How do you encourage others to dress modestly?
Well, I blog. ;) And honestly, I don't go out into the world thinking, "Okay, how can I make these girls think about dressings modestly"; I go out praying for ways to point them towards the Savior. In Christian circles, I just try to be a stylish example that doesn't turn them away from thinking they might try to throw a tank under their blouse, too. ;) 

How do you react around girls that are not dressed modestly?
I try to treat them like any other girl. 
Are you ever uncomfortable around girls that don't dress modestly and cover their bodies?
Sometimes, but usually I'm just thinking of the poor guys who are also around. If it's just girls, though, I don't really pay attention. I try to treat them like I would want to be treated if we were wearing the other's clothes. :)

Does your family watch television? If so, what's your favorite movie, and what's your favorite tv show?
No, our family doesn't have cable or anything, but we do watch movies occasionally. I don't really have any major favorites. :) 

Do you have fashion advice for things to wear for girls with an excess of belly fat (working on it!)?
Hmm... this is kind of hard, since I've never really had an issue with it.  I would say though not to really worry about trying to conceal it, but rather try to emphasize the good parts of your figure-- bust? arms? rear? neck? Still being modest of course, but drawing attention away from figure flaws is good. :) 

Anyone have any suggestions for this last question? Wish I had more advice! What are your answers to these other questions?


  1. Great answers! I really like the answer you gave on proselytizing. I've been taught by various relatives throughout the years that God is the one who takes all the credit for a conversion. Our job is to point them to the Word, set a Christian example, and let the Holy Spirit move, like you said.(:
    And thanks for the advice on figure flaws! I have a funny bump on my thighs too, which makes jean pretty unflattering on me along with more form-fitting skirts. So when I wear jeans I prefer longer shirts and then I wear more flowing skirts.(:

    Oh, and as for suggestions about the last question, I think one way to downplay belly-fat is to wear looser tops, and then, like you said, accentuate the good parts of your figure.


  2. Suggestion for the last question (because I've struggled with excess belly fat, too!) is to wear a slimming tank top (preferably one with design, or else a color that looks really good on you), then wear an over shirt. This can be a blouse opened up, or a cardigan. Anything that doesn't hug your figure too much. This can give some depth to your torso and make your belly appear more slim and flat. With a blouse it's fun to roll up the sleeves a bit to put a more casual, chic look to it. :) Perfect paired with a messy side braid. ;)

  3. I agree with most of your answers, but I especially agree with your answer concerning other girls dressed unmodestly. If guys are around, I'm usually concerned about them, knowing most are trying to guard their eyes. But if it's just girls, I don't tend to even really notice. I also agree with your and the comments before this one's advice on the belly fat. I love to wear a nice t-shirt with an over shirt that's open over it. It's modest, and takes attention away from the belly area.

  4. I hear ya on the shoulder issue! My shoulder is smaller in width and lower....not much fun:) Great answers!

  5. I'd liked your answers, the 1.5 shoulder thing was kinda weird, but I know how you feel. My right foot is one inch longer than my left.

    It's not real notiable unless I have my feet together when I'm not wearing shoes.

    I always try not to pay attention to girl who dress immodestly, for one, it's kinda of embarrassing to me, two, they stalk at me as if I'm some kind of freak, I normally just smile then turn back to my business.

    1. I totally agree! It IS embarrassing when a girl doesn't dress modestly, especially if she's one you know well! (And yes, I do speak from experience.) But hey, it's worth it when we dress modestly! NEVER for one moment think 'it would be so cool and easier to dress this way' or 'it would be okay if I wore those 3-inch long shorts'. Believe me, dressing modestly with a pure heart has its rewards! Yeah, it's not always easy, but it does make a difference in the way people respect you, and see you. It's rewards are FAR greater than those of dressing immodestly! In fact, dressing immodestly brings NO glory to the Lord, and doesn't have any rewards. I believe it's a shameful thing for a young lady to dress immodestly.

  6. So I have a question. Is it okay if I scream when I see you? Can we sleep outside again, like real lumberjacks? And can we watch all the BUBP's, and keep a jar to put our (laughter) tears in? Okay, bye.


  7. My one leg is longer then the other which causes me to walk lopsided...kinda embarrassing! :)Have to deal with it..and I've never been comfortable with the shoe inserters.

    Thanks for all the answers to the questions, Olivia :)

  8. If you don't beleive that you need to go tell the gospel on the streets. Where do you tell it?

  9. I like hearing the answers that you've been giving to all these questions you've been asked. I have enjoyed hearing about your life, what your thoughts are on some delicate (and tough) issues, etc. Thanks for doing these posts. BTW, how many more of these do you have? Just curious. :)
    Have a blessed day!

  10. Hi. I just found your blog and really appreciate your fresh, stylish take on modesty. Great answers!

  11. I love your blog! Very nice. I am a new Catholic, and looking up modesty in modern clothing, and your blog is awesome! I love your skirts. I have recently decided to start wearing skirts more often (~85% of the time) because I'm having a problem finding pants that don't make certain parts of my body more noticeable. Anyway, you have also renewed my desire to sew more of my own clothes. Thanks for your awesome blog, you are very inspirational!

    Oh and I was telling my husband about your blog, and how cool it was that you homeschooled (I was homeschooled myself!) and I mentioned that you were a little younger than me but not that much, that you just finished high school, and then I realized that you are the same age as my younger sister, she just finished high school (also homeschooled!) too. Pretty cool. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I really like your blog(s).

  12. I have a baby so I have experience with the post-partum gut, so this comment is for the last question: accentuate the smallest part of your body. Lately I've been doing this by wearing my skirts higher on my waist with my shirt either tucked in and a cute belt worn over the skirt, or by tying the bottom of my shirt in a knot (easiest with button-down shirts, but it can be done with other shirts too). I'm not hourglass shaped, but because I position it all right over the smallest part of my waist, it looks like I'm more hourglass shaped.

  13. I have another question (just cause I'm curious)-

    "What is your attitude towards other religions?"


    P.S. thanks for answering my skin care routine question, your such a lucky-duck to have easy care skin :) :)

  14. I mostly like CCm, country, and celtic music. I am definetely into proselytizing! I used to paly piano and have attempted to teach myslef guitar! I've taken ECD and square dance classes, ballet, tap and I've ridden horses for years. I knit, crochet and embroider a little. I made a quilt about 2 years ago. Althought modesty at the heart is the most important. Physical modest so love and respect for our brothers in Christ. I encourage others toward modesty by modeling it. Also, by reminding them that if we truly care for the men in our lives we will not want to damage their future marriages by causing them to stumble. I try to treat girls who dress immodesetly with equal love and respect. Sometimes, they make me a little uncomfortable but not usually. Our family doesn't watch Tv but we watch movies and old tv shows. My favorite tv show is Dick Van Dyke and my favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice. Wear looser fitting fark colored tops and empire waist tops.
    Love, Katie

  15. I loved your answer on proselytizing! I really like that quote - what you convert people with is what you covert people to - I want people to see the real Jesus who loved others so much!

    As to the last question, I've heard that prints help, I guess because they are so busy they draw attention onto the busyness of the print, not the tummy. :)


  16. I'm with you... I can handle most music! If the singer can sing, and not only think he can most music is great!; I'm not that into pop actually, but LOVE country/rock and esp. CCM :)
    I really appreciate you expressing your veiws on proselytizing in the Bible-based way that you did!... I actually didn't realize that is what you call it (proslytizing) but certainly have been part of a church in which it practised it... without realizing that it was actually something that was called something (if that makes sense!!:)
    My (and my family's)way of evangelizim is like what you described: thru example and practical ministry. AMEN!! I believe living a godly gospel-centred life without compromise is such a powerful witness in this day and age... And I think that if we are prepared to live this life of dying to self and seeking to proclaim the gospel in every form of our lives, we will sow seeds of this gospel and eventially bear fruit!
    It may be just becoz I'm blonde... but I'm not sure if I have a 'figure irreguarlity'?! I guess I'm short, I have fairly wide hips and I have extremely small feet... would you call this 'unregular'?! Never paid much thought to the matter to be honest... except when I have to buy jeans and I have to have a 'curvy' cut and remove about 6'' off the bottom hem! LOL! :)
    I agree, encouraging modesty through words is hard... I strongly believe that modesty starts at the heart issue, and works its way out to the physical appearance.. That is my testimony anyway! I would say in answer to one the questions of how to respond to a girl who would shrug off the idea of modesty/ or talking about modesty...
    I would want sensitive to where that girl is on this walk of modesty ( she may be at the stage of knowing it is a heart issue, but afraid of what people might think, or she may not even realize it is a heart issue). I reckon just keep pointing to Jesus, and as she looks to Jesus more, and reads the Word more, God will reveal stuff to her... I'd just be there to listen to her and encourage her in each step of the way (just from experience with my 'modesty journey' for myself and friends/sisters :)

    Well, this is a huge post... don't feel that you have to post it due to that reason... just wanted to, I guess, write and encourage you in what you said to some of these questions... I really love your down-to-earth way of seeing stuff and that in this you are pointing to Jesus... keep that up, it is so important! God is doing a great ministry through you Olivia!
    Emily xox

  17. I'm a rather new reader to your blog.
    First, I'd like to say THANK YOU!!! Your blog really encourages me that I can be modest without the frump.
    But can you :please: post you secrets for layerig (making tanks and camis work)? I'm constantly TRYING to make them work, but it ends up being more immodest with them. And I know that if I could get them to cooperate, my wardrobe (and shopping trips) would result in behemothic new possibilities!
    -A sister in Christ


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