Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kews and Ehs #8: 80's, Leggings, and Sharing

Have you considered working as a fashion designer or creating your own clothing line?
*Grin* When I first started sewing and getting into fashion, yes, I considered it. But, I'm sure I could never bring myself to charge what would be worth my time and the costs and everything like most designers-- I'm a cheapskate at heart. :P So, instead I encourage girls to make do with the clothing that is already available. :D

Where does your inspiration come from for the things that you make?
Friends, Pinterest, and the mall. I love to see what things are "trendy" and "steal" ideas from the things that are popular... and then recreate them modestly and in a more timeless way. :)

Did you read any books on fashion?
I think I stood in the fashion section of our smallish medium sized library a couple times and thumbed through the 80's fashion books, but it did help me figure out what was going on in this fashion industry. :)

What sort of things do you do to fill your day?
Haha, wow. Well, I spend my morning in the kitchen and cleaning the house, I spend the afternoon blogging/studying/more cleaning/sewing/writing, and I spend the evening cleaning more, doing computer stuff, and hanging out with my family. I also watch my 6yo, 5yo, and 2yo siblings all day, and they're such fun to hang out with... but they also take up a lot of time. (I had no idea 6yo boys ate so much!!) ;)

Do you wear jeans very often? Do you like skirts because they are more modest, or just more cute? =)
I wear jeans usually for a couple hours a couple times a week. :D Living on a farm, I sometimes throw them on to do a certain task for a little while and then put my comfy skirt back on-- I also don't have any jeans that actually fit me modestly right now (jeans are so expensive!) so I try and limit my time in them in case someone drops by (very likely. :P). But, as far as why I like skirts, you're right. :D They are more easily modest and cuter. :D
do u like warm or cold weather?
Warm, fo sho.

How does sharing clothing with 2 sisters work? Is it just who ever gets ready first has first pick or do you have it like okay I wore it last so you can wear it this time? I share clothing with my only sibling(sister) and we always have problems with who gets to wear what.
Have any tips on how to share?
I'll preface this by saying that my sisters and I get along really well (now :p). We just have a common walk-in-closet and we really don't differentiate between who's is who's. How do we split the clothes up? Well, we look out for the interests of the other person. So, we give suggestions, help find a match, and try to speak criticism in love. :) We usually split things up by what looks best on each person and approach the task of dressing as a team, not as rivals hopping out of bed in the morning to get to the best clothes first, although that does happen sometimes. :) I do have some things that I've bought that I'd like to keep nice and not put them through the wear and tear of three people, and my sisters know they should ask before they wear one of my pieces. 
If a situation arises in which we both want to wear the same thing, we either both help look for an alternative for one person or we defer to the one who bought the item. If it's a shared piece, we usually go to who it looks better on or who's outfit it'll look better with. Generally this clears up most sticky situations. Hope this helps you and your sister! I know it can be rough at times. :)

How do you live in the country and be modest wearing mostly skirts?
If the skirt is shorter than about mid-calf, I wear leggings so that with bending, squatting, twirling, etc my underwear doesn't show. :) Otherwise... I don't really have any suggestions except just be aware of where your skirt is so you don't catch it on the barbed wire fence. :D

What do you do in your spare time?
Spare time? I don't have any. :P If I find myself with 5 or 10 minutes here and there to "spare" I get on Pinterest, reply to emails, chat with friends, read blogs, or take off running in some direction. :D

What advice do you have for girls who would like to start wearing more skirts? What do you consider to be the "staples" of any wardrobe?
Every girl is different and our lifestyles vary drastically, but here's what I would suggest trying to get your hands on to start out:
A chic tiered skirt (print with brown is good), a just-below-knee length casual skirt (denim, cotton, knit), a upper-calf length black skirt (on the dressier side), and a long knit skirt if you're a city girl or a long denim skirt if you're a country girl. :D
One key element of skirt wearing: Ditch the baggy t-shirts. It is sooo important to define your hips or waist to keep from looking frumpy. 

Do you have under-skirt modesty recommendations?
Walmart has some fabulous thick knit leggings pretty much year-round now, although they have a bigger selection in the winter. My sisters and I wear black capris leggings from Walmart under our skirts most days just for comfort and warmth. They also had knit shorts with lace around the hems last summer that were perfect for wearing with shorter skirts that you didn't want your leggings to show with. :) I've seen leggings at places like Khol's, but they were often 3 times the price so I never really took a good look at what they had. :)

What pattern staples do you suggest besides your Butterick ?
Hmm... I honestly don't have many patterns! I would suggest a dress pattern that can easily be changed into a shirt pattern, a gored skirt, and a fun dress pattern. I'm not a pattern guru at all- I've drafted the majority of my clothes or traced an existing garment, sorry!

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  1. Love your answers! Mom wanted to go shopping at Peebles last Friday, and I had to go with her. Peebles can be expensive so I limited myself to the clearance racks. I scored a skirt and 3 shirts! One of the shirts doesn't require a tank top!
    Love, Katie

  2. Loved reading your answers!
    My younger sister and I share clothes sometimes, I'd share more but she doesn't want to! :) Actually, she doesn't like my clothes so I end up borrowing from her all the time...LOL!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Hey Olivia!

    I love your blog! You should totally put up more pictures of your sister's styles as well!

    Thank you for your encouragment!


  4. Question for your next Kews and Ehs:

    Who takes pictures for you?

  5. Hi, Olivia! I've not commented before, but I've been popping onto your blog for a few months now. I've seen alot of style/fashion/clothes modeling blogs, but you're happens to be one of my favorites! I don't wear skirts as dedicatedly as you, but I'm refreshed by your actual love of skirts (and not frumpy skirts!), rather than an "I have to be modeste so I HAVE to wear skirts *grumble grumble* attitude). Keep it up, sister-woman!

    Best from the West,

  6. You say your the oldest of six, so how old are all your brothers and sisters? Is there a big age difference?

    1. Yes, a fairly big difference. Im 19, then theres 16,14,7,5, and 3. :)

    2. whoops. I just rounded everyones ages up without realizing it... but you get the gist. :)

  7. You talked a lot about what you wear under your skirts. I make and wear knee length bloomers. I wear them almost every day and am not very comfortable without them. I use this pattern without elastic on the bottom: http://www.candleonthehill.net/store/catalog.php?item=48
    It is fun to see what other girls do.
    Thanks for posting!

  8. I've got a little question---

    What is your daily skin routine?


    1. Yes, please tell! Your skin looks great, wearas mine is covered with acne. We've tried everything, but it doesn't seem to help. Any hints?

      PS: Love your blog!

    2. May I mention that what you eat has a lot to do with your skin condition. I know that Olivia has mentioned her family went on the GAPS diet, which can do a lot for your gut and with that a lot for everything else. If you eat a lot of breads and not as much protein, your acne will be really bad. There are some natural supplements out there that can help with acne as well. I've had sucess with taking cod liver oil (capsules, because most liquid forms are nasty) and to an extent, rubbing coconut oil on my face and other places that have bad breakouts.

    3. You should try a cup of yogurt and 1/2 a cup of honey. If your skin is really oily then add a tablespoon of oatmeal. Did you know that honey is the only food that bateria dons't live in.

  9. I ALWAYS wear the knit shorts with lace around the bottom (I call them bike shorts) under any skirt I wear. One of my friends started doing it for modesty, and I got a pair or two to wear under shorter skirts but I'm always so much more comfortable to wear them even under longer skirts. Without them I always fear a sudden gust of wind. ;)

  10. I loved hearing about that closet scene! If I could teach those principles to my girls they would,
    a) Be far better off than I was with my sisters.
    b) Please their Father in Heaven in living a godly way in the small but important details of life, each detail adds up to the sum of how we walk before Him.
    c) Have such darling girls what with all the feminine advice/sharing/caring...

    Great job Olivia and sisters, and kudos to your mom for all she teaches you ;) And Olivia pretty non-iron garb and fun to get sun and upliftment/friendship too.

  11. Wow! Me and my sister share clothes a lot. We fight a lot, but we're still really close. :) Love your blog, Olivia!


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