Thursday, June 7, 2012

A+A {itssummer}

Hey y'all! Thanks for being patient with me while I took a little break! I'll admit it was verrrry nice.
:D I think if it weren't for all of your "don't stop!!" comments I'd consider taking a longer one. :}
  • Breaking a $20 bill for a $1.50 vitamin water at the tiny shack general store down the road. 
  • Complementing a girl on her bikini cover-up, 1) as an ice breaker and 2) because it really was cute and 3) because it was much better than just the bikini. :D 
  • Singing along to the radio, belting out, "This kiss, this kiiiiss!!!" and realizing you have absolutely no personal experience in that area. It's like singing about skydiving. Or rebuilding an engine.  :P
  • Meeting a neighbor for the first time and blurting out, "Oh, you don't live at that house with all the dogs, do you!?" then you realize that yes, they do, and then they're slightly not sure how to respond. :p 
  • Waking up 7 hours after collapsing in bed in the same position with your phone, covered in tractor grease and soy wax, next to your hand. And wondering if the train that hit you had passed yet. 
  • Bug bites. 
  • Cumin. I can't be the only one who thinks this spice smells like a nasty sweaty guy.
  • Bike riding! I dusted the cobwebs off my bike this week and did 6 miles on Tuesday and 4 miles today. Its great exercise without making me so sore I can't move. :D
  • A blog reader who remembered I loved the Annie Moses Band and sent me some of their CDs and DVDs! I adddore their Eden CD. :)
  • Finishing Bible class! I did OK on the test, and learned so much! I can now almost tell you what is in each chapter of the New Testament! I plan on continuing to study those flash cards- such valuable stuff.
  • Helping my sister paint wax on logs until after 11pm. She drilled 1000 holes yesterday and we hammered mushroom "plugs" (like seeds) into those holes, and then had to seal them up! She's hoping to become a mushroom farmer. :D
  • Babysitting when the kids basically entertain themselves.
  • Picking up where you left off with childhood (teenhood?) friends.
  • Summertime. I'm totally, totally stoked SUMMER is here. The superbusyalwayssorelovethesunburnweedpickplanteatsleephydratekidsalwaysdirtyneedtorepaintmytoenails kind of days that make up summer. 
Weeeeelll... it's good to be back! Hopefully I'll have time to blog whatever I wear tomorrow... I may be done my Bible test, but life is still ca-razy busy!  As evidenced by Thursday's awkward and awesome getting published at 11:23pm....

How was your week? Any particularly Awk or Awe moments to share?

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  1. It's nice to see your back! I too took a break from blogging....even though I just started. The weather was been pretty nice here, but instead of being outside where am I? Cleaning my room! Haha I think the akw parts would be doing the laundry in pjs. At like 1pm...I live in a apt building...we share a laundry room....the rest explains itself! The awe would be doing a photo shoot with one of my friends! Sorry for the long comment! Glad your back! :)

  2. Love the photos! Pretty pink shirt.. and that is an epic leap!!

    YES! I totally agree with your comment about cumin. That is exactly what it smells like. Ha ha! Spicy!! ;)


  3. That 1st pic is pretty cool!
    Good to see you back... missed your inspiration!!

  4. I love the photos! I know that feeling of breaking a $20 for something ridiculously small...I once had to do that for a pack of gum! Awkward for me is shopping at the mall by myself and then getting lost in JC Penny's trying to relocate my family. :P awesome is summer break (almost there!) and a friend's bridal shower.


  5. I live in south korea (temp. of course, military) and i got in a taxi,Korean, and wore a cute red blouse with jean skirt. he says something in korean, no clue what he just said, then he said you dont know, but of course i didnt. He looked at me, laughed and said it means Foxy. he just called me foxy i didnt know it and i had no clue what to say but thanks. lol

  6. The color in the second photo was so brilliant and pretty! The awe awk posts were great! Thank you so much for doing them, it is so entertaining reading them all!

    Charlotte Boyer via Boyer Family Singers

  7. Great photos! glad you had a good vacation! and welcome back. Hmmmm, I wrote a little list of awkward on my blog recently, but I htink the most awkwardest thing that has happened to me recently was when I was asked if my brother was my boyfriend...LOL, but I guess it was more funny then awkward LOL. :)

  8. I've had many similar moments while singing along to songs....that is, if I'm even singing the right lyrics in the first place.....

  9. Awkward: dropping a garden hose at just the right angle so that when it hits the ground, it sprays you in the face.

    Awesome: learning a new language!

  10. I'm glad you enjoyed your blogging break. :) It is nice to sometimes just step back, enjoy life, and then get the 'refueling' that you might need to keep blogging! :)

    I visited the photography blog of your friend! She does lovely pictures. And all of yours were just lovely. You are very photogenic and have the bluest eyes! :) Nicely done. :)

  11. You're back! I love those photographs. I went to the blog of the girl that took them and she did an awesome job with the others! Also what's with the Cumin? LOL!
    Have a great week!

  12. So glad your back! I missed reading your blog:( ~mary

  13. Very pretty photos:)

    I've def. had those awkward momments talking to neighbors...

    Kianna Rose

  14. WOW! That second photo of you was absolutely gorgeous! And I have to agree with you that babysitting kids when they practically entertain themselves the whole time, is pretty awesome ;)


  15. More Awkward: Findinf out people at work have been bad mouthing you behind your back, and suspecting it's because your a Christian. Awesome: not caring that people bad mouth you behind your back because your a Christian and being able to forgive them!
    Love, Katie

  16. Great photos! I missed ya there for a bit. What ?! You don't like cumin? I love cumin. -Sarah

  17. I absolutely adored your awkward and awesome moments! And the pictures... You are so pretty! *Jealousy*
    Anyway, my awkward moment: When one of your only guy friends admits that he used to have feelings for you over a text and not knowing how to respond because you're in love with somebody else and then finally responding to him three hours later...
    Awesome: Buying an awesome new yellow skirt and wearing it the very next day :D

  18. I so GLAD you're back!! I Missed your inspiration!

    Vickie, I know what it's like to be lost in the mall....

    Awkward: When people find out that you dress modestly, and say "YOU DON'T WEAR PANTS!!!!!???"

    Awesome: Takeing photos of the sunset in it's pink and orange glory.
    Running against the strong wind with your hair streaming behind you.

    Anne-Marie :-)

  19. haha Liv! Did the same thing with my bike too! Rode 10 miles 3 days a week and 5 the other days. :D I feel so energized. :)


  20. I agree with you on cumin! That stuff really is, well, strong! :P Awkward: When your Dad puts piles of it on his dinner and you can't enjoy your own food for the stench, then finding out that the guy you like LOVES it too! Really!

  21. I agree with your view on cumin! That stuff is really, kind of, strong! Awkward: Trying to eat dinner beside your Dad who just put a crazy amount of cumin on his food, then finding out that the guy you like LOVES it too! Really! :P


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